Birgitta Almgren

Birgitta Almgren


Professor emeritus/emerita

Language and Politics. Infiltration by dictatorships through culture, soft power

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Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES)

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Birgitta Almgren is a professor of German at CBEES, the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies, Södertörn University.

For a year she has had permission to research the Swedish security police (Säpo) archives on Stasi suspects in Sweden. The aim has been to analyze Stasi's methods of infiltrating various sectors and recruiting Swedish citizens. Birgitta Almgren is happy to talk more about her research in English and German.

In her earlier book, Inte bara Stasi: relationer Sverige-DDR 1949-1990 (Not just Stasi: Sweden-GDR Relations 1949–1990), Birgitta Almgren analyzed overt relations between Sweden and the GDR. In her new book, Inte bara spioner... Stasi-infiltration i Sverige under kalla kriget (Not just spies: Stasi infiltration in Sweden during the Cold War), she gives an account of covert connections between Stasi and Sweden and the people behind the documents. This book presents case studies of the some 50 individuals in Säpo archives who were suspected of operating in Sweden during the Cold War. Birgitta Almgren is happy to talk more about her research in English and German.

Areas of Study

  • Swedish-German relations during the 20th century
  • Connections between language, ideology and politics
  • Literature and society, the function of literature
  • Semantics and discursive-historical linguistics

Research projects

Ongoing research project funded by Östersjöstiftelsen: Stellan Arvidson och Britta Stenholm: dolda makthavare och informella nätverk i Sverige under kalla kriget. En diskurshistorisk lingvistisk studie.

Project leader for Kontakt och konflikt: Sverige - DDR. Retorik och politik kring Östersjön, research project funded by Östersjöstiftelsen 2005-2010.

Birgitta Almgren was in March 2010 awarded the Swedish Academy's research prize of 100 000 SEK.


Professor of German 2003
Associate professor of German at Södertörns högskola 2001
Lecturer at Södertörns högskola 1998-2003
Ph.D. in German at Uppsala universitet 1997
Phil.Lic. in German at Uppsala universitet 1968
Filosofie magister in History, Arthistory, Swedish, Latin, German, Linguistics with
Greek language, Pedagogy + IT-Pedagogy, Gender studies, Modern Medias of Communication
Lecturer at Mälardalens högskola, Högskolan i Örebro 1994-1998
Lecturer in German, Swedish, Latin in Mariestad, Kristinehamn, Arboga 1973-1994

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