Chato Rasoal

Chato Rasoal

Senior Lecturer

I'm working as a senior lecturer in Police Work and I'm the chairman of the Police Education Programme Council.

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Police Education


I’m an Assistant Professor in the Department Police Work at Södertörns University in Stockholm, Sweden. I received Ph.D in Psychology from Linköpings University. My research interests focus on the quality of the interaction between law enforcement agencies and the relatives of criminals involved in illegal activities. In particularly the research focuses on increase understanding of the role of relatives in criminal investigations and inform the development of strategies to enhance collaboration and cooperation between law enforcement agencies and affected communities

Ongoing Research Projects:

Female Guardians' Perspectives on Criminal Networks in Sweden: Background: The increased violence in Sweden, including shootings and organized crime, has sparked interest in studying female guardians of individuals involved in criminal networks. Objective: To examine female guardians' health perspectives, experiences, and encounters with authorities, as well as authorities' experiences with these women

Attitudes of Relatives of Young Criminals Towards the Police: When the police investigate individuals involved in gang crime, relatives can also be affected. The police may need to contact them to gather information. To investigate existing research on how relatives of individuals involved in gang crime experience contact and treatment by the police. Focus will on be identifying factors perceived as supportive or facilitating in contact during the criminal investigation process.

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