Dan Karlholm

Dan Karlholm


Research interests include art historiography, temporality, assemblage theory, museum studies and aspects of the climate crisis and the anthropocene

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Dan Karlholm is Professor of Art History, Södertörn University. He holds a PhD in Art History from Uppsala University from 1996, on the construction of "General Art History" (allgemeine Kunstgeschichte) in 19th-century Germany. He has been employed as lecturer at Stockholm University and has had postdoctoral projects at the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU, The University of Rochester and Columbia University. Karlholm is founder (with Charlotte Bydler and Håkan Nilsson as co-founders) of the Art History Department at Södertörn University in 2003. He is also editor of Konsthistorisk tidskrift/Journal of Art History (Taylor & Francis/Routledge) since 2009.

Research interests

Karlholms research interests revolve around historiography, including the history and theory of art history in Sweden, Germany and in general, as well as museum studies, visual culture studies, and the issue of temporality and contemporaneity. Research projects in recent years have dealt with contemporary art from various perspectives. The project "Art (without) Spaces: Identities of Internet Art in Germany, Lithuania, and Sweden" including contributions by Charlotte Bydler and Håkan Nilsson (sponsored by the Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies). Currently, Karlholm works on "Contemporary (Post)modernity? Canonization Processes of Advanced Art in Germany and Sweden 1977-2007 (sponsored by the Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies) and "Contemporality: Art and the Passing Present" (as part of a research program led by Hans Ruin entitled Time, Memory, and Representation, sponsored by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. Cf. www.histcon.se)

Selected publications

“Filtering Futures. La Biennale di Venezia. 56th International Art Exhibition, 2015. All the World’s Futures. Artistic Director and Curator: Okwui Enwezor” Konsthistorisk tidskrift/Journal of Art History, Vol. 84, No. 4, 2015

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