Gloria L Gallardo Fernández

Associate Professor


+46 8 608 52 84 +4686085284

Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies


I was born in Chile. After university studies in Chile, Poland and México, I obtained my PhD degree in Sociology at Uppsala University. I was also promoted to associate professor at Uppsala University and professor in Environmental Sciences at Södertörn University.

Before moving to Södertörn University, I was the Director of Research Studies for Cemus Research Forum (Cefo), part of the Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD) – an educational and research platform for interdisciplinary studies on sustainable development jointly funded by Uppsala University and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).

I was appointed in 2000, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Rural Development Studies at SLU, where I was also Program Director for the International Masters Program in Development Research, Application and Theory (MADRAT). In addition, I have worked, among others, as a Lecturer at the Department of Sociology at Uppsala University, and at the Department of Ecological Economics at Mälardalen University. In all these places, I have taught and supervised students at all levels in an broad range of subjects such as research methodology, philosophy of science, sociological classics, gender, development studies, political economy, environmental studies, and globalization.

My scientific works has been published in England, USA, Colombia, Argentina, Sweden and Germany on issues of rural development, property rights, land tenure structure and management, management of marine coastal resources, sustainable development, fishing organizations and communities using theoretical insights from historical and institutional sociology, economics, environmental and development studies, and participatory and inter-and transdisciplinary research methodology. My field experiences embraces empirical cases from Chile, Vietnam, South Africa and Sweden.

At work presently as Lecturer in Environmental Sciences at the School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies at Södertörn University.

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