Göran Ståhle

Göran Ståhle


Subject Coordinator

Senior Lecturer

I am associate professor in the Study of Religions, specialized in the Psychology of Religion, Indic religions, and Religion and health

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Historical and Contemporary Studies


I am working as a lecturer in the Study of Religions at Södertörn University since 2007. I recieved my Th D in the Psychology of Religions from Uppsala University in 2005. I am particularly interested in the social sciences of religion and medical humanities. My research focuses on how Asian spiritual traditions are used in relation to medicine and health in the Western world. I have a long experience in teaching about contemporary spirituality, new religious movements and South Asian traditions.

My dissertation developed a cultural psychological perspective on contemporary Hinduism. I have also published articles about contemporary spirituality and secular worldviews. Currently I am involved in research
about globalized forms of Ayurveda, and its expressions in the Swedish context.

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