Hanna Sofia Rehnberg

Hanna Sofia Rehnberg


Senior Lecturer

I am a linguist serving as a senior lecturer at the Department of Journalism at Södertörn University.

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Social Sciences


I am a linguist serving as a senior lecturer at the Department of Journalism at Södertörn University. My research interests are in the area of applied linguistics. As a sociolinguist, I investigate language use in society, focusing on journalism, organizational communication, migration, and integration. I work in interdisciplinary settings and apply various theoretical and methodological approaches, such as linguistic ethnography, social semiotics, discourse analysis, and narratology.

I am the project leader of the research project Asylum Narrativesexternal link, opens in new window. In this project, we investigate how narratives about asylum seekers are co-constructed by different actors in the asylum interview: the applicant, the case officer of the Swedish Migration Agency, the interpreter, and the applicant's public counsel. We also study the recontextualization of the oral narratives into written texts reproduced in the agency's case documents.

I am also affiliated with Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research (SCORE) at Stockholm University and Stockholm School of Economics, where I conduct research on public organizations' news productionexternal link.

Earlier research projects (conducted as affiliated to The Academy of Public Administration at Södertörn University):

  • 2017–2018: Auditing the school sector: A comparative study of systems of school inspection in Sweden, Finland and Poland. My contribution to this project was a contrastive analysis of media discourses on PISA in Sweden and Finland.
  • 2015–2016 The Swedish Transport Administration, a modern agency. I employed a linguistic perspective focusing on organizational communication, identities, cultures, and branding.

I have a doctorate from the Department of Scandinavian languages, Uppsala University. My thesis from 2014 focuses on strategic storytelling. The title is: When organizations tell stories. Narrativity as a resource in strategic communicationexternal link (abstract in English).

I have a background as a professional journalist.

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