Igne Stalmokaite

Igne Stalmokaite

Doctoral Student

In my PhD thesis I focus on examining sustainability transition processes in shipping. In particular, I analyse how and why shipping firms invest in alternative energy solutions.

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Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies


Ignė Stalmokaitė is a doctoral candidate in Environmental Studies. Her research interests concern sustainability transitions, maritime environmental governance, environmental innovations and shipping.

In her PhD project Ignė is exploring sustainability transition processes in maritime transportation by focusing on interplays between maritime environmental governance and adoption practices of environmental innovations. The thesis aims at clarifying incumbent actors responses to transition processes. The dissertation is based on incumbent shipping companies providing transportation services in the Baltic Sea area – one of the mostly regulated and ecologically vulnerable seas in the world.

Before starting her doctoral studies, she was part of the research project (BONUS BALTSPACE) aiming to examine integration challenges for the marine spatial planning in the Baltic Sea region. Ignė holds a Master’s degree in the interdisciplinary Baltic Sea Region study program from the University of Turku, Finland.

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