Ingrid Forsler

Ingrid Forsler


Subject Coordinator

Senior Lecturer

I work as a lecturer and researcher in media and communication studies as well as within teacher education. My research interests concern media technologies in education.

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Culture and Education


My research interests concern imaginaries surrounding digital media in education and how they are expected to transform learning. Such imaginaries include both utopian visions of digital technology as a way to make learning more efficient and personalized, and more critical perspectives warning that the digitalization of schools has gone too fast. I am also interested in media education and have been involved in the field of media and information literacy in both research and education.

Current research projects

Between 2022 and 2024, I am participating in the project Anticipating and mediating future classrooms: Ed-tech imaginaries of learning, communication and citizen making in Estonia and Sweden which examines imaginaries of future classrooms in the ed-tech industry in Sweden and Estonia. The project is funded by the Baltic Sea Foundation and is a collaboration between researchers at Södertörn University and Tartu University in Estonia. You can read more about the project here: External link, opens in new window.

From the fall of 2023, I also participate in an internally funded project about how teacher students at Södertörn University use generative AI in their studies and how they think about these emerging technologies in relation to their future profession.

Background and previous research

I have a background as a teacher of visual arts and media in upper secondary school. In 2020 I defended my thesis on how visual arts education in Sweden and Estonia has been historically transformed in relation to different media technologies, Enabling Media: Infrastructures, imaginaries and cultural techniques in Swedish and Estonian visual arts education. The dissertation received the FSMK (Association for Swedish Media and Communication Research) dissertation prize 2021 and can be acsessed here: External link, opens in new window.

I have also participated in the following research and development projects:

  • SI Creative force (2020) for the project Media Literacy for Tomorrow: Learning with MENA Youth Media Activists. External link, opens in new window.
  • Teacher education, Södertörn University (2020) for the project "Skärmhjärnan goes to school" - neuropedagogical discourses on media and learning.

Networks and positions of trust

  • Director of studies, Media and communication studies, Södertörn University. (2022- )
  • Co-char in Division 7: Media Literacy and Media Education, NordMedia (2021- ).
  • Board member and vice chairman of InSea Sweden (UNESCO-affiliated association for visual education) (2021- ).

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The researcher is not participating in any projects at this moment.