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Jenny Berglund is Associate Professor and senior lecturer. Her particular area of interest concerns the matter of Islam and religious education. This is reflected in her 2009 dissertation Teaching Islam, Islamic Religious Education at Muslim Schools in Sweden (Waxmann)external link.

Jenny has collaborated on the editing of several Swedish books, in which her own contributions have generally dealt with Islam in Sweden. She is also working with the project "Religion as a Resource", which concerns the lives, values, relations, leisure time activities and religious interests of Swedens youth populations where she analyzed the responses from the Muslim participants.

Jenny has also been involved in TRATEBBexternal link (Teaching Religion and Thinking Education at the Baltic-Barent Brim), a research project designed to study religious education at four sets of "twin-schools" located on either side of four state boundaries in the Baltic-Barent region. In April 2015 she published a report on Publicly Funded Islamic Education in Europe and the United Statesexternal link for the Brookings Institution.

Jenny is a member of the steering committee for the Swedish Association for the History of Religions (SSRFexternal link), a committee member of the European Association for the Study of Religion (EASRexternal link) where she is also actively involved in the organizations working group on religious education. She is co-chair of the Religion and Public School group at the American Academy of Religion (AARexternal link). She also acts as a co-ordinator the IAHR-Women Scholars Networkexternal link.

Jenny is also one of the editors of the editors of the Religious Diversity and Education in Europeexternal link series at Waxmann. She has initiated (and personally participates in) an exchange program with the Centre for Womens Studiesexternal link at the University of Jordan. From 2014, she is involved in a new project called CARDIPSexternal link(Cultural and religious diversity in primary school). In November 2014 she was awarded an International Career Grant from Swedish research council (co-funded by Marie Skludowska Curie Actions FP7). The grant includes funding for a three year project that concerns young Muslims experiences of moving between supplementary mosque education and public school (Experiences of Islamic and "Western" education in Sweden and Britain). As part of the International Career Grant she will from March 2015 be attached to Warwick Religions and Education Research Center (WRERU).external link

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