Johanna Johansson


Senior Lecturer

PhD Political Science. Senior Lecturer in Environmental Sciences with specialization in Environmental Social Sciences. Research on bioeconomy, forest policy and governance.

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Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies


Johanna Johansson holds a PhD in Political Science from Umeå University. She works as a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Studies with specialization in Environmental Social Sciences at the School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies, Department of Environmental Sciences and Tourism Studies. Her major research interest is in the policy design and outcomes of Swedish forest policy, particularly the role played by collaborative processes.

Recent publications

Sténs, A., Roberge, J-M., Löfmarck, E., Beland-Lindahl, K., Felton, A., Widmark, C., Rist, L.,Johansson, J., Nordin, A., Nilsson, U., Laudon, H., Ranius, T. 2019. From ecological knowledge to conservation policy: a case study on green tree retention and continuous cover forestry in Sweden.Biodiversity and Conservation, 1-28. DOI:10.1007/s10531-019-01836-2.

Lidskog, R., Johansson, J., Sjödin, D. 2019. Wildfires, responsibility and trust: public understanding of Sweden’s largest wildfire. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, 34(4): 319-328.

Johansson, J., Sandström, C., Lundmark, T. 2018. Inspired by structured decision making: a collaborative approach to the governance of multiple forest values. Ecology and Society, 23(4): 16.

Olschewski, R., Sandström, C., Kasymov, U., Johansson, J., Fürst, C., Ring, I. 2018. Policy Forum: Challenges and opportunities in developing new forest governance systems: Insights from the IPBES assessment for Europe and Central Asia. Forest Policy and Economics, 97: 175-179.

Johansson, J., 2018. Collaborative governance for sustainable forestry in the emerging bio-based economy in Europe. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 32: 9-16.

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