Jörgen Straarup

Jörgen Straarup


Professor emeritus/emerita

Research, teaching and education analysis, mainly about "Religion and migration".

Historical and Contemporary Studies

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Majority religion, with an emphasis on Christian churches and denominations, is my home area, studied with tools from the toolbox of the social sciences. I have been working departing from a basic hypothesis, that societal development impacts and in return is impacted by religion, on a number of levels. Through a detailed description of the external signs of this reciprocal influence I have approached a theoretical understanding of the process. A name often used for the process is secularization.

On the international level, I have studied the process of secularization through comparisons between Wetern Europe and U.S.A. On the national level, the study of secularization har taken place through comparisons between Swedish churches and denominations, but also through analyses of changed relations between religious organizations and the state. At the organizational level, mainly the Church of Sweden har been studied, for instance the members participation in church activity (during the 1990s, I was responsible for the parish statistics of the Church of Sweden). At the individual level I have worked with studies of values and religious participation: suburbanites views on newly built churches, the reception of a new translation of the New Testament (NT81), views on the Bible, religious reactions on catastrophes, the views on right and wrong on the vicinity of death.

During the period 2010—2014 I have, among other things, worked at a research project with the name Pinocchio goes to church: the religious life of avatars.

From 2014 and four years ahead I am working with a project financed by the The Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies External link.. The title of the project is Cultural and religious diversity in primary school. More information may be found at the projects homepage.

Education at PhD level

Since2014 Södertörn University has a right to educate PhDs in the study of religions within the research education area Historical Studies. After my retirement, I no longer take part in research education.

Through my background in earlier employments I am involved in a number of doctoral projects at other universities, mainly in the role as assistant supervisor.

Education at basic level

When called for, I teach courses with a study of religions perspective on the basic level.

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