Kristina Riegert

Kristina Riegert


Global media, comparative journalism, conflict and crisis coverage, politicotainment, cultural citizenship

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Social Sciences

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Kristina Riegert’s research has mainly focused on how national and transnational media have made sense of globally mediated events, and how the political infuses popular culture. This entails an understanding of how media cultivate or complicate: globalization processes, identity formation, war propaganda, crisis communication, and the blurred boundaries between information and entertainment.

Most of her work has a comparative national or transnational approach. Her study of the nature and impact of top bloggers in three Arab mediascapes continued a comparative tradition, but departed from the news media to study cultural citizenship and digital media use. An interest in globalising processes and the political in popular culture led to the "Worlds of Cultural Journalism" project about the way Swedish cultural journalism represented global events and debates on identity and democracy from 1985 until 2019. This project was also undertaken in collaboration with Scandinavian colleagues. Riegert contributed to the Norwegian project "The Immigration Issue in Scandinavian Public Spheres", where she focused on the Scandinavian representation of immigrants and their offspring in cultural and feature journalism.

Her books include: News of the Other: Tracing Identity in Scandinavian Constructions of the Eastern Baltic Region (Nordicom, 2004), Politicotainment: Television’s Take on the Real (Peter Lang, 2007) and Media Houses: Architecture, Media and the Production of Centrality (co-edited with Staffan Ericson, 2010), Cultural Journalism in the Nordic Countries (with Nete Nørgaard Kristensen, Nordicom, 2017), Transnational and National Media in Global Crisis (with Maria Hellman, Alexa Robertson and Birgitta Mral, Hampton Press, 2010) and The Image War: NATO’s Battle for Kosovo in the British Media (Örebro University Press, 2003). Her work has appeared in International Journal of Communication, Television and New Media, European Journal of Communication, Journalism Studies and Journalism Practice.

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