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Madeleine Hurd:

Curriculum vitae


Ph.D. History Harvard University 1993

"The Elusive Alliance: Socialists and Liberals in Hamburg and Stockholm, 1875-1914"

B.A. History Univ. of Calif., Berkeley 1982


Södertörn University, Assistant Professor, 1999 - . History.

Univ. of Pittsburgh, Assistant Professor, 1993-1998. History.

City College of New York, Adjunct, 1990-1993.

Cooper Union, Adjunct, 1991-1993.

New School of Social Research, Adjunct, 1992.

New York University, Adjunct, 1991.

Eugene Lang College, Adjunct, 1991.

Harvard University, Teaching Fellow, 1986-8.

Post-Doctoral Research Projects

2010-2012: "The Performance of Eco-Nationalism: A Comparative Study of Radical-Right 'Ecology'", within Media, Communication, and the Social Performance of Environmentalism: Comparing Ecological Collectives on Two Sides of the Baltic Sea, project leader Heike Graf (Media and Communication). Fellow project member Robert Hamrén. (Baltic Sea Foundation Fund, half-time wages, three years)

2006-2009: "Ethnic Performances, Media and Emotions on Germany's Borderlands, 1860-1930", within Enchanted Identities: Symbols, Rituals and Feelings around the Baltic Sea, 1860-1950, project leader Tom Olsson. Fellow project members Git Claesson-Pipping and David Thurfjell. (Baltic Sea Foundation Fund, half-time wages, four years)

2003-2005: "Borderline Cases: Identities at the Margin. Between Individual, Community and Nation: Case Studies of Polish, Danish and German Identities, 1849-1919" within Creating Communities, Citizens, Outcasts and Heroes: Mediated Identities around the Baltic Sea, ca. 1850-2000, project leader Tom Olsson. Fellow project member Joanna Bankier. (Baltic Sea Foundation Fund, half-time wages, three years)

2000-2002: "Media Cultures and the Construction of Nationality, Gender and Citizenship", within Media Societies around the Baltic Sea, project leaders Tom Olsson and Jan Ekecrantz (History). Fellow project members Patrik Åker, Kerstin Olofsson and Kristina Riegert. (Baltic Sea Foundation Fund, half-time wages, three years)



Public Spheres, Public Mores, and Democracy: Hamburg and Stockholm, 1875-1914 Series Social History, Popular Culture, and Politics in Germany, series editor Geoff Eley. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2000. 315 p.

Manuscript submitted for publication:

Media, Rituals, and the Performance of Belonging in Germany's Contested Borderlands, 1918-1920. 243 manuscript pages. Currently under review for publication in Series Södertörn University Studies of History, planned publication Winter 2011.

Peer-reviewed articles and anthology contributions[1]:

"Reporting on Civic Rituals: Texts, Performers and Audience", in Ritual and Media: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, eds. Christiane Brosius & Karin Polit. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 2010. 27p.

"Mediesystem, tidningsgenrer och offentliga riter i 1865 års reformrörelse", in Artonhundratalets mediesystem (Media Systems, Newspaper Genres and Public Rituals in the Reform Movement of 1865", in Nineteenth-Century Media Systems), eds. Jonas Harvard & Patrick Lundell. Stockholm: Mediehistoriskt arkiv, 2010. 24p.

"Class, Ethnicity and the Media: Danzig 1918-19", in The Challenge of the Baltic Sea Region: Culture, Ecology, Democracy, eds. Göran Bolin, Monica Hammer, Frank-Michael Kirsch & Wojciech Szrubka. Södertörn Academic Studies 29, Stockholm 2005. 22p.

"Identitet och mode" (together with Tom Olsson) and "Klädd till gatustrid: Uniformkulten bland nazisternas Sturmabteilung", in Iklädd identitet. Historiska studier av kropp och kläder ("Identity and Fashion" and "Dressed for Street Battle: The Uniform Cult among the Nazi Sturmabteilung", in Dressed in Identity: Historical Studies of Bodies and Clothing), eds. Madeleine Hurd, Tom Olsson & Lisa Öberg. Södertörn Studies in History 1. Stockholm: Carlssons Bokförlag, 2005. 21s + 34p.

"Placing Good and Evil: Revolutionaries, Streets and Carnival in German and Swedish Newspapers, 1918-1919," in News of the Other, ed. Kristina Riegert. Stockholm: Nordicom, 2005. 33p.

"Introduction" and "Masculine Spirit, Feminine Flesh: Women as Objects of Newspaper Gaze", in Encounters: Representations of the Others in Modern European History, ed. Madeleine Hurd. (Södertörn Research Report 5/03, 2003). 15 + 32p. (Used as text in Södertörn history courses.)

"Class, Masculinity, Manners and Mores: Politics, Public Space and Public Sphere in Nineteenth-Century Europe", in Social Science History (Fall 2000). 35p.

"Oligarchs, Liberals, and Mittelstand: Defining Civil Society in Hamburg, 1858-1862," in Paradoxes of Civil Society: New Perspectives on Modern Germany and British History, ed. Frank Trentmann. Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2000. 23p.

"Liberals, Socialists, and Sobriety: The Rhetoric of Citizenship in Turn-of-the-Century Sweden", International Labor and Working-Class History, 1994. 30p.

Other scholarly articles:

"Introduction" and "Contested Masculinities in Inter-War Flensburg", in Bordering the Baltic: Scandinavian Boundary-Drawing Processes, 1900-2000, ed. Madeleine Hurd. Nordische Geschichte 10, series editor Jens Olesen. Berlin/London: Lektorat Berlin, 2010. 46+40p.

"Introduction" and "Waiting to be Free: Danzig, 1918-19", in Borderland Identities: Territory and Belonging in North, Central and East Europe, ed. Madeleine Hurd. Baltic and East European Studies 8, Eslöv: Gondolin, 2006. 20 + 40p.

"Theatres of Revolution: Germany, November 1918", in I all anspråkslöshet: En vänbok till Lars Björlin, ed. Kekke Stadin. Södertörn Studies in History 2, 2005. 35p.

"Introduction" (co-author with other editors) and "The Female and the Nation: The Rhetoric of German-Polish Difference", in Gender Transitions in Russia and Eastern Europe, eds. Ildiko Asztalos Morell, Helene Carlbäck, Madeleine Hurd & Sara Rastbäck. Eslöv: Gondolin, 2005. 21 + 26 p.

"Introduction" (together with Tom Olsson) and "Reasonable Speakers, Those Who Can't Talk: Defining People In and Out of the Public Sphere in Pre-War Prussian Poland", in Storylines: Media, Power and Identity in Modern Europe, eds. Madeleine Hurd, Tom Olsson and Patrik Åker. Stockholm: Hjalmarson och Högberg, 2002. 15 + 32p.

"Citizenship Redefined: Patriarchy, Work, Masculinity, and the Debate over Guilds in Europe, 1825-1870", in Människan i historia och samtid (The Historical and Contemporary Human). Stockholm: Hjalmarson och Högberg, 2000. 26p.

"A Tale of Two Cities: Bourgeoisie and Labor in Hamburg and Stockholm", in Language and the Construction of Class Identities, ed. Bo Stråth. Gothenburg University, 1990. 22p.

Editor / co-editor of anthologies:

Editor, Bordering the Baltic: Scandinavian Boundary-Drawing Processes, 1900-2000 Nordische Geschichte 10, Berlin/London: Lektorat Berlin, 2010. 240p.

Editor, Borderland Identities: Territory and Belonging in North, Central and East Europe (Baltic and East European Studies 8; Eslöv: Gondolin, 2006. 507p.

Co-editor, Gender Transitions in Russia and Eastern Europe, eds. Ildiko Asztalos Morell, Helene Carlbäck, Madeleine Hurd & Sara Rastbäck. 256p.

Co-editor, Iklädd identitet. Historiska studier av kropp och kläder, eds. Madeleine Hurd, Tom Olsson & Lisa Öberg. Stockholm: Carlssons Bokförlag, 2005. 263p.

Editor, Encounters: Representations of the Others in Modern European History Södertörn Research Report 5/03 (2003). 207p.

Co-editor, Storylines: Media, Power and Identity in Modern Europe – Festskrift för Jan Ekecrantz, eds. Madeleine Hurd, Tom Olsson och Patrik Åker (Hjalmarson och Högberg, 2002). 235p.

Book Reviews / Opinion Pieces / Shorter Notices

Review of Anette Jacobesen, "Husbondret: rettighedskulturer in Danmark 1750-1920", Historisk tidskrift (2010)

Review of Håkan Forsell, ed. "Den kalla och varma staden: migration och stadsförändringar in Stockholm efter 1970", Historisk tidskrift (2010)

"Hamburg 1789 – 1914", in Encyclopaedia of Europe 1789-1914, ed. John Merriman & Jay Winter (Farmington Hills: Charles Scribner's Sons / Macmillan Reference USA, 2005). 7p.

Review of Norbert Götz, "Ungleiche Geschwister: Die Konstruktion von nationalsozialistischer Volkgemeinschaft und schwedischem Volksheim", American Historical Review (April 2003)

"Genrernas uppror" (together with Tom Olsson), opinion piece Historisk tidskrift (2002). 3p.

"Healthy, Homosexual, and Whore: The State and the Body in Modern Sweden," literature overview för Journal of Urban Studies (2002). 7p.

Review of Teresa Kulawik, "Wohlfahrstaat und Mutterschaft: Schweden und Deutschland 1870-1912" och Rolf Torstendahl, "State Policy and Gender System in the Two German States and Sweden1945-1989", American Historical Review (2001)

"Scandinavian Childhoods: A Review of Recent Research," Journal of Urban Studies (2001). 7p.

Review of Simone Lässig, James Retallack et al (eds), "Modernisierung und Region im wilhelminischen Deutschland", German Studies Review (1999)

Review of Sidsel Eriksen, "Söster Silfverberg's Sorger," International Social History of Alcohol Review (1995)

Review of Thomas Childers et al, "Reevaluating the Third Reich," Science and Society (1994)

Research Awards

Södertörn University Project Development Grant: "Newspapers, Gender and the Performance of Minority Identities in Baltic-Area Borderlands, 1870-1930", 2010 (1 month)

Univ. of Pittsburgh Western European Studies Course Development Grants (2 months, 1998-9)

Fellowship, Univ. of Pittsburgh Chancellor's Diversity Workshop, 1997 (1 month)

The Hewlitt International Small Grants Program, 1996 (2 months)

The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Stipendium, 1988-1989 (1 full year)

The Harvard Krupp Scholarship, 1987-1988 (2 full years)

American Scandinavian Foundation Summer Research Grant, 1985, 1988 (4 months)

International Research Networks

Appointment by Swedish Näringsgdepartement as Swedish National COST Coordinator: Swedish Representative, Management Committee of European Union's "European concerted research action" COST-Action IS0803, Remaking eastern borders in Europe: A network exploring social, moral and material relocations on Europe's eastern peripheries, 2008-2012.

Member, History Department Environmental History Platform: Environmental Studies within Humanities and Social Sciences. Presented paper in international workshop Environmental History, Södertörn March 2009; contributed to creating international contact-net.

Co-arranger, one-day panel session "Emotions, Gender and Cultures of Feeling" (with Prof. Christina Florin and Prof. Tom Olsson) within the conference Feminist Research Methods (8 international participants), Stockholms universitet 2009.

Conference arranger, three-day conference Enchanted Borders: Symbols, Histories and Memory (16 international participants) Södertörn 2007, editor for the follow-up anthology Bordering the Baltic (2010).

Scholarly Commissions


Member, Editorial Committee of Social Science History 1996-2000

Reader (sakkunnig) för journals / publishers:

The Journal of Scandinavian History (2008)

University of Wales Press (2008)

Comparative Studies in Society and History (2003)

Commissions within Södertörn University

Coordinator of English-Language Studies, 2001- (currently at 30%)

(see appended job description)

Chair, Work-Group for English-Language Courses, 2008-

Member, IMER Program Board, 2008-

Member, History Department Board, 2001-2009

Member, Internationalisation Council, 2001-8

Member, Pedagogical Committee, 2006

Member, Committee for English-Language Courses, 2006-2007

Member, Turism Program Board, 2001-2003

Member, Program Council for Swedish Historians' Meeting, 2001

Commissions within Pittsburgh University

Member, Graduate Faculty (1994-1998)

Fellow, Univ. of Pittsburgh Chancellor's Diversity Workshop, 1997

Contributor (with course and research proposals) to Western European Studies' Title XI Grant Proposal (1997)

Member, Cultural Studies Fellowship Committee (1996)

History Faculty Representative, Center for General Studies Faculty Com­mittee (Spring 1994 to Fall 1995)

Member, History Department Committee on Peer Review (Fall 1994)

Co-founder and chair, History Dept. "Power, Culture and Society Workgroup" (1996-1998)

Co-initiator and co-chair, CMU-Pitt Center for Social Science's "State and Society Workgroup" (1994-1995)

Commissions concerning graduate students

Member, Univ. of Pittsburgh Masters Examination Committee and Doctorate Committee, responsible for evaluating and grading Doctoral and Masters' Thesis (equiv. Swedish betygsnämnd), sitting on two Master's students and four doctoral students, 1995, 1997, 1998.

Member, Carnegie Mellon University Doctoral Committee, responsible for evaluating and grading doctoral thesis, 1998

Evaluator, with Anu-Mai Köll, BEEGS Graduate Admissions, of applications to Baltic and East European Graduate School (Autumn 2008)

Member, Univ. of Pittsburgh History Department Graduate Faculty (1994-1998), responsible for evaluating History Dept. doctoral students' progress

Member, Univ. of Pittsburgh History Department Graduate Committee (1994-1996), responsible for evaluating doctoral student applications

Selected Conference Papers and Guest Lectures

"The Green Soldier: Nationalist Purity in Eco-Fascist Imagination", for session "Green Futures" , ACSIS Conference Current Issues in Cultural Studies (planned Norrköping June 2011)

"Newspapers, Discourse Communities and Feelings", session "Att forska om historia och känslor: Teoretiska och metodiska lösningar", Svenska historikermötet (planned May 2011)

"Ritual, Space and Texts: The Public Discourses of Bordering", EastBordNet Conference: Remaking Borders (Catania, 2011)

"Gendering the Other: Contrasting Masculinities on the Other Side of the Border", EastBordNet Workshop Gender and Sexuality (Budapest, 2010)

"Uncovering Gender Identities in Representations of German and Anti-German Festivals after WWI", session co-organiser "Emotions, Gender and the Cultures of Feelings", Stockholm University: Feminist Research Methods (2009)

"Media, Ritual, and the Expression of Ethnic Belonging in German Borderlands, 1919-21", Univ. of Heidelberg: Ritual Dynamics (Heidelberg 2008)

"The Performance of Belonging", at Cultural Production and Negotiation of Borders (Kirkenes 2008)

"Bodies in the Streets: Male Norms and the Media's Battle for Space, Flensburg 1919-20", Nordiska kvinnokonferensen, Rejkavik 2008

"Performing Ethnic Belonging: Streets and Identity in Inter-War Germany", Social Science History Conference, Lissabon 2008

"Emotions, Place and the Public Expression of Ethnic Identity", session "Har känslor en historia", Svenska historikermötet (2008)

"Rituals of Identity in the German Borderlands, 1918-1920", Södertörn University Conference Religion on the Borders (2007)

"The Mobilisation of Emotions: Poznan Press in the Fight between Deutschtum and Polentum, 1918-19", Sveriges Sociologiförbund "Staden och Östeuropa" (2006)

Round table "A matter of style: the surface performance of gender", VIII Nordic Women's and Gender History Conference Gender and Knowledge – Gendered Knowledge (Turku 2005)

"Manifesting Identity: Legitimate and Illegitimate Ritual", German Institute, Warszawa (2005)

"Media, Class and Ethnicity in Danzig, 1918-19", Glamourgan University: Crossing Borders, Histories, Theories and Identities (Cardiff 2004)

"Kvinnan som främmande kropp inom den offentliga sfären, 1850-1920", session "Kön, medie, mode", VII nordiska kvinnohistorikermötet (2002)

Participant, with papers, in sessions "Journalisten: den första historikern" och "Maskulinitet, makt och mode: Klädedräktens semiotik", Svenska historikermötet (2002)

"Constructing Polish Orientals: The Media Picture of Poles in German Prussia, 1848-1863", Faculty Seminar, University of Norwich (2001)

"Locating Poland in the House, Woman and Child: The Domestic Strategy of Defending Polishness in Pre-War Posnania and Prussia", Gender, Identity and Nationalism in Europe (Salford 2001)

Discussant, "Media and Postcommunist Culture", International Conference for Eastern European Studies (Tammerfors, 2000)

Discussant, "Den välsignade tillväxten av människovärdet", Engelsbergsseminariet Den svenska framgångssagan? (Axel Johnsons stiftelse, Engelsberg, 1999)

"Kvinnokropp, krig och nynazismen", Mitthögskolan (1999)

"The Politics of the Disenfranchised", American Historical Association (New York 1997)

"Crises of Inclusion: Class, Gender and the Public Sphere in Pre-War Stockholm and Hamburg", Communities in Peril: The History and Memory of Crisis in Germany and Scandinavia, European University (Firenze 1997)

"Creating a Liberal Culture: Public Sphere, Intelligentsia and Associations in Hamburg, 1855-1872", German Studies Association (Los Angeles, 1996)

"Abstain to Be Powerful, Drink to be Free: The Working‑Class and Temperance in Turn‑of‑the‑Century Sweden," American Historical Association Conference (New York 1996)

"Taking Spencer to the People: Intellectuals between State, University and Popular Politics in Pre-War Sweden," Social Science History Association Conference (Chicago 1995)

Internal University Faculty Seminars, Workshops and Conferences

Discussant, panel on borders, CBEES Workshop till Thomas Lundéns ära (2010)

"People, Landscape and Garden in Germany's Borderlands: Roots and Challenges to Eco-Nationalist Discourse, 1900-2000", Södertörn University Workshop: The historian's role in environmental research (2009)

Lecture, "Danzig's Two Histories", Baltic Graduate School Introductory Meeting (2008)

Paper, "Masculinity and Border Imagery", at project conference Enchanted Borders: Symbols, Histories and Memory (2007)

Paper, "Flensburg", Södertörn University Conference: Focal Point Germany (2007)

Paper, "Danzig 1918-1919", History Higher Seminar, 2006

Opponent, Political Science Higher Seminar, Tanja Schulz dissertation, December 2005

Round-table discussion (with Tom Olsson and Kekke Stadin) on research project "Enchanted Identities", History Higher Seminar (2005)

Round-table discussion (with Tom Olsson) on research project "Creating Communities", Higher Seminar in Gender (2005)

Paper, "Parliaments, Streets, and Carnival: Media and the Imagined Geographies of Revolution", BEEGs 10th Year Anniversary Conference, Södertörn University (2004)

"Fashion, street manners and hegemony in Germany, 1925-1933", Att vara på modet: Den första nordiska tvärvetenskapliga konferensen om kläder och mode från medeltid till modern tid, Stockholm University and Södertörn University (2003)

Paper, "Nationalism, Heroes and Maidens in Prussian-Polish Media", session "L'Espace public", Médias et Sociétés autour de la Baltique, L'Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle and Södertörn University (2002)

Paper, "Public Spheres and Ethnicity in Prussian Poland", seminar, Södertörn University's Polish Workshop (2001)

Paper, "Citizenship Redefined: Guildmasters and Liberals in Conflict", History Higher Seminar (2000)

Paper, "Space, Class Anxiety and Hooliganism in Pre-Revolutionary Petersburg: A Critique of Joan Neuberger's Thesis", research project Media Societies' Workshop St. Petersburg as a Window to the East and West, St. Petersburg (1999)

The Third commission / Tredje uppgiften (selection)

Lecture, "Alla har vi heder: Hederns historia", Rosendalsgymnasium, 2010, 2011

Lecture and discussion leader, "Hur kom nazisterna till makten?" Nacka gymnasium, 2011

Lecture "Hedersvåld", Uppsala Senior Universitetet, series Rätt och rättvisa¸ 2009

Lecture, "Heder och hedersmord i historisk belysning", Uppsala Commune, Gymnasium School's Study Day, 2008

Chairman, debate "Amerikanska presidentvalet", Södertörn University's Student Union, October 2009

Lecture and panel debate, "Islamofobia and media", Svenska institutet, Network Seminar for Young Leaders Visitors Program, Clash of civilization or clash of ignorance?, 2008

Lecture, "Heder och hedersvåld genom historian", History Day at Tyresö Castle, 2008

Intervju med Firas Al-Atraqchi, Senior Editor Al-Jazeera, publicerad i "Can Obama heal the rifts?" i, t.ex., and Modern, December 2008

Lecture, "Att möta och bemöta: Svenskar, invandrare, och kultur", Karolinska institutet, Huddinge, Årsmöte, 2007

Lecture, "Understanding Sweden", Karolinska Institute, Introduction Foreign Doctoral Students, 2004, 2005, 2006

Invited seminar participant, "Möte åskådarprojektet", Forum för levande historia, 18 januari 2006

Interview, "Nazister och uniformer", by journalist Maria Porfors of Finlandsradio, 2006

Lecture, "Sweden: history and culture", Karolinska Institute, Laboratioremedicins-konferens, 2005

Interview, "Uniformens tjusning", Radio Stockholm (with Tom Olsson), 2005

Participant, Svenska institutets / Visbyprogramments contract trip to Minsk, 2004

Lecture, "Maskulinitetsideal inom nazism och nynazismen", Sjödalsgymnasiet, Huddinge Commune's Teacher's Continuing Education Day 2001

Lecture, "Kultur och politik i Nazityskland", Popular Science Week, Södertörn's Campus Telge, 1999

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