Maria Normark

Maria Normark

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Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies


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Maria Normark is associate professor in media technology.

She currently leads a 3-year project funded by the The Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies. The project is themed Sustainable Communities and Digital Design and concerns social movements in relation to material and digital practices.

Normark earlier held a 3-year VinnMER Fellowship and was a visiting researcher at Mobile Life VINN Excellent Centre i Kista. The theme for her project at Mobile Life is Nomadic Interaction Models. Her current main interests are collaboration in practice, design quality and norm-critical design in several domains; youth counseling online, sustainable lifestyle and design education.

Before that she studied collaboration and technology in use in relation to controll rooms, such as air traffic control and ambulance dispatch. Normarks thesis came in 2005 and was titled Work and Technology Use in Centers of Coordination: Reflections on the relationship between situated practice and artifact design. It was defended at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.

Keywords: Critical HCI, Norm-critical design, Political
design, STS & Feminist approaches in HCI, Healthcare/ICT,
Sustainability/ICT, Materiality in IxD, Social media, Embodied
interaction, Ethnography, CSCW

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