Nicholas Smith

Nicholas Smith


Senior Lecturer

Teach and research post- and decolonial philosophies, Afro-Caribbean and indigenous thinking, with a basis in contemporary continental philo, feminism and phenomenology.

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Culture and Education


Nicholas Smith is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Philosophy.

He has done research at the Husserl-Archives, Leuven and taught at PUC in Rio de Janeiro. He has lectured in many parts of the world including Europe, South America, USA, Japan and China.

He is project manager for the research project Decolonizing Phenomenologies (2016-2018), funded by the Baltic Sea Foundation, together with Professor Madina Tlostanova (Department of Gender, Linköping University).

Smith participated in the previous research project Perceptions of the Other: Aesthetics, Ethics and Prejudice, led by Professor Cecilia Sjöholm, where he investigated the proto-ethics of perception from the point of view of transcendental aesthetics (Levinas, Husserl), psychoanalysis (Kristeva, Lacan), feminist philosophy (Young, Butler, Alcoff) and postcolonial thinking (Césaire, Fanon, Gordon, Ahmed). See website:

His most recent book is Towards a Phenomenology of Repression – A Husserlian Reply to the Freudian Challenge(Stockholm 2010). See Open Access link to pdf:

He is co-editor of Södertörn Philosophical Studies (2003, 2016). He has translated Ricoeur, Nietzsche, Derrida and Husserl and has published extensively in Swedish, English, German, Brazilian and Japanese publications.

From 2013 until 2015, Smith was codirector of the International Symposium for Phenomenology, with yearly meetings in Perugia, Italy.

As of 2012, member of the foreign editorial board of Metodo. International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy, an international journal founded by the Metodo-Association in 2010. Its aim is to promote the dialogue between phenomenological scholarship and other scientific and philosophical currents of thought.

•Publications (selection):
Nicolas Smith (& Jonna Bornemark), “Introduction”, Jonna Bornemark & Nicolas Smith (ed.s), Phenomenology of Pregnancy (Stockholm: Södertörn University Press, 2016) pp. 7-14 Nicolas Smith, “Phenomenology of Pregnancy—a Cure for Philosophy?”, Jonna Bornemark & Nicolas Smith (ed.s), Phenomenology of Pregnancy (Stockholm: Södertörn University Press, 2016) pp. 15-49

"The World Beyond Europe as Spirit: Transcendental Prejudice and Phenomenology", commissioned work, in Japanese translation, to be published in Logos kai Fainomenon. Annual review of the Phenomenological Association of Japan, vol. 30 (Tokyo, 2014), p. 31-47. 現象学年報;Genshogaku nenpo 日本現象学会 編/日本現象学会 ISSN:0289-825X

"Disavowal, Ignorance and the Colonial Difference: Rethinking Phenomenology From the Start", commissioned work, to be published in Bulletin dAnalyse Phénoménologique.

"Association in Husserl and Freud – passivity and the unconscious", commisioned work, to be published in Luiz-Carlos Pereira & Marcia Cavalcante Schuback (ed.), Time and Form (Rio de Janeiro, 2014)

"The Temporality of Sexual Life in Husserl and Freud", in Jonna Bornemark and Marcia Cavalcante (ed.), Phenomenology of Eros. Södertörn Philosophical Studies vol. 10 (Stockholm: Södertörn University, 2012), pp. 171-192

"Self-alteration and temporality: the radicalized and universal reductions in Husserls late thinking (au-delà de Derrida)", in Dermot Moran and Hans Rainer Sepp (ed.), Phenomenology 2010 vol. 4. Selected Essays from Northern Europe: Traditions, Transitions and Challenges (Bucharest: Zeta Books, 2011), p. 51-86

•Collaborations with artists (selection):
"Roland Perssons Silicone Dreams - Art, Perception and Politics", in Roland Persson, The Phenomenon of Materializing a Dream (Stockholm: Tarshish, 2014), p. 50-56

New Spaces, New Times. The Problematics of Translation, curator to art exhibition in November 2013 (with Anna Stina Erlandsson, Monica Larsson, Gunnel Pettersson and Yumiko Shiozaki) at The Botanical Garden FUREAI, Shibuya City, Tokyo

"Turnaroundphrase" (catalogue text to Martin Ålund, solo exhibition at Konstakademin and Galleri ALP/Peter Bergman, Stockholm April 2009).


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