Patricia Jonason

Patricia Jonason

Associate Professor

Senior Lecturer

I'm Associate Professor in Public Law. I teach and do research in Public Law with a focus on Privacy, transparency and the principle of good Administration.

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Social Sciences


I teach Administrative and Constitutional Law as well as European Law and Human Rights.

My main research interests are on Privacy and the Right of Access to Information as well their relationship to Democracy and the Rule of Law.

Im currently heading a research project financed by Vetenskapsrådet under the title "Privacy – the hidden aspect of Swedish Democracy – a legal and historical investigation about balancing Openness and Privacy in Sweden". (Privatlivet – den undanskymda aspekten i svensk demokrati – En juridisk och historisk undersökning om avvägningen mellan öppenhet och privatliv i Sverige).

Through the years my research has touched upon other parts of Public Law, including the constitutional role of the Parliamentary ombudsman, Environmental Participatory Governance and the legal concept of silencio positivo.

A part of my research has a comparative approach and/or contains analysis of the europeanisation process that imbues Public Law.

I have been a reoccuring guest lecturer in France (Université de Perpignan and Université Paris I-Sorbonne), Algeria (Université Oran II), Morrocco (University of Kénitra) and South Africa (University of Cape Town).

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