Peter Dobers

Peter Dobers


Programme Coordinator


Prof in Business Studies. Head of dep't for journalism. Program director for 2-year masters LeadSustain. Rectors Advisor Co-Creation. Dean of Faculty Board 2016-2022.

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Social Sciences

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I am a professor of business administration and was hired at Södertörn University on October 1, 2015. From 2022 I am program director of the 2-year master's program Leadership for Sustainable Development.

Before that, I was a professor of business administration, focus on sustainable development, at Mälardalen University, Västerås 2005-2015 and lecturer in organisation and management at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm 2000-2005. I am an associate professor in business administration at the University of Gothenburg, where during the years 1992-1997 I conducted research studies and was a postdoc for a few years at the Gothenburg Research Institute at the Gothenburg School of Economics.

During the years 2006-2008 I was a visiting professor in business administration at Umeå School of Business and Economics, Umeå University and a visiting professor in sustainable co-creation at KTH during the period October 2015 to December 2016. I have been a visiting researcher for Prof. Bo Hedberg in the spring of 2000 at Stockholm University and for prof James March during the first half year of 1999 at Stanford University. In 1997 I defended my dissertation at the School of Economics at the University of Gothenburg with the thesis Organizing Strategies of Environmental Control with Rolf Wolff, Sten Jönsson and Gideon Kunda as supervisors.

My current research is, for example, about collaboration between universities and external parties, corporate social responsibility, about guided tours in the broadest sense, about IT and the sustainable development of regions (such as Norra Djurgårdsstaden), about images of cities' future investments such as Sustainable Cities, IT cities. I have published about 40 scientific articles and about the same number of book chapters and books. 2016-2019 I participated in the EU Horizon2020 project ACCOMPLISSH (

Leadership assignments have included being the vice dean at the Faculty of Humanities, Social and Health Sciences at Mälardalen University (MDU) between 2007 and 2010. In the second half of 2010 I was its dean. Between 2011 and 2013 I was dean and chairperson of the university's faculty committee, which was a merger of the university's previous three faculties. During the years 2016-2022 I was dean and chairperson of the Faculty Board at Södertörn University.

I have been part of the steering group for evaluating the research at MDH that resulted in MER14 (Mälardalen University Evaluation of Reserach 2014). Furthermore, I have had leading assignments within the academy as reviewer for scientific journals, expert for a large number of positions; for research financiers such as Formas and the Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, but also agencies such as the University Chancellor's Office; as an opponent at around ten thesis defenses, member of many assessment boards. I was chairperson of the expert group that carried out the evaluation of the research at Blekinge Institute of Technology in 2013, and have many other similar assignments; a recent role as an external evaluator in 2022 of postgraduate education at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Uppsala University.

In the summer of 2022, I was elected to the Knowledge Foundation's board.


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The researcher is not participating in any projects at this moment.