Philipp Seuferling

Philipp Seuferling


Doctoral Student in Media and Communication Studies. I research media practices in refugee camps in Germany since 1945. Research interests: media, migration and their histories.

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I am a doctoral student within the research project “The (dis)connected refugee: The role of communication technologies in trust-building in Sweden and Germany”. My PhD project explores historical perspectives on media practices in refugee camps in Germany, between 1945 and 2000.

I hold a B.A. in Media and Communication Studies as well as Finnougrian Studies from Universität Hamburg, and a M.Sc. in Media and Communication from Lund University. From 2018 to 2019, I was a visting PhD fellow at the Leibniz Institute for Media Research | Hans-Bredow-Institute in Hamburg.

My general research interests lie in the intersections of media and migration studies, media history and memory studies.

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I was a guest in the “Bredowcast”, podcast of the Leibiz Institute for Media Research | Hans-Bredow-Institute: “BredowCast 45: Mediennutzung in deutschen Flüchtlingslagern 1945-2000 External link.”, July 2019.


Seuferling, Philipp (2019). “We Demand Better Ways to Communicate”: Pre-Digital Media Practices in Refugee Camps. Media and Communication, 7(2), 207–217. Online at: External link.

Wagner, H. U., & Seuferling, P. (2019). Uses of the Past in Refugee Documentaries in Sweden and Germany: Conceptualising entangled histories of media, memory, and migration. Media History, Online first, 1–14. Online at: External link.

Seuferling, Philipp (2018). “Posting on the Wall in Pre-Digital Times. Media and Communication Practices in Refugee Camps in Germany (1945-2000) External link.”. Blog Entry for "Media History from the Margins", Summer Seminar at Monte Verità, August 2018.

Seuferling, Philipp (2018). “Analogue Escapes. Media and Communication Practices in Refugee Camps in Germany (1945-2000)”. Publication of PhD project plan in Rundfunk und Geschichte, Heft 3-4, pp. 69–70.

Seuferling, Philipp (2018): “To arrive means being able to tell”. Memory Cultures and Narratives of Historical Migration in German Media in 1991–1994 and 2015–2017. In: Tobias Linné (ed.). Excellent MSc Dissertations 2017. Media and Communication Studies. Lund: Lund University Press.

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Presentations (recent selection):

“Mediated Memory Practices in Refugee Camps”. Presentation at Nordmedia Conference, Malmö, 22.8.2019.

“’We Demand Better Ways to Communicate’: Pre-Digital Media Practices in Refugee Camps”. Presentation at ICA Conference, Washington D.C., 27.5.2019

“Immobile Socialities? Pre-Digital Media and Communication Practices in Refugee Camps in Germany”. Presentation at ECREA Conference, Lugano, 3.11.2018.

“Media, Memory, and Refugee Activism Across History”. Presentation at ICA Conference, Prague, CZ, 28.5.2018.

“Since 1945 we have had More Immigrants than the USA Every Single Year: Mediated Memory Cultures of Forced Migration during the Refugee Crisis (2015/16) in Germany”. Presentation at 42nd Annual Conference of the German Studies Association, Atlanta, GA, 6.10.2017.

“Documenting forced migration on screen. Entangled histories of refugee documentaries in Germany and Sweden”. Presentation together with Hans-Ulrich Wagner (Hamburg) at conference “Tracing entanglements in media history”, Lund University, 19.5.2017.

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