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Rebecka Lettevall is associate professor (docent) at Södertörn University and has her Ph D degree in History of Ideas and Science at Lund University (2001) on a doctoral dissertation of Immanuel Kant's work Towards Perpetual Peace and its effective history (Wirkungsgeschichte). Since 1 July 2013 she is Director of the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES) at Södertörn University.

Her three main areas of research are the concepts and understandings of peace and cosmopolitanism as well as German idealism. She focuses on how the meaning and understanding of especially political concepts are transformed through different temporal and spatial processes, and what the consequences of these are. Her perspective is from intellectual and conceptual history, and Gadamer's concept of Wirkungsgeschichte is influential in her work. Her period stretches from late 18th century to the inter-war period, but always with a contemporary perspective.

She leads the research projects East of Cosmopolis, Cosmopolitan Clusters, The history of the idea of peace and participates in the research programme Time, Memory, Representation. Information about publications and research projects can be found on this page.

At Södertörn University she has taught and planned courses on all levels, within History of Ideas as well as within multidisciplinary programs. She was research leader during the first five years of the Centre for Baltic and Eastern European Studies (CBEES) and founded the research theme Cultural Theory. 2010-2013 she was Pro-Vice-Chancellor and deputized the Vice-Chancellor in her absence.

For several years she was responsible for the peace research area at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm. She was acting head of the Research Department at the Nobel Museum during the academic year 2005-06.

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