Sophie Landwehr Sydow

Sophie Landwehr Sydow

Research Assistant

I'm doing a PhD in information society (HCI) & teaching in media technology. My research is about makers, materials and machines & understanding situated practice at the makerspace

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Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies


Sophie Landwehr Sydow is a PhD candidate in Media Technology and also affiliated within Information Society at the Department for Computer and System Sciences at Stockholm University. She is financed and based at Södertörn and their CBEES graduate school.

Her research focuses on the future of making and how the practice of making, hacking and DIY is provoking design and development of future technologies. The studies of her PhD project are led by an ethnographic approach, where she explores making and the maker movement as a cultural phenomenon. With a background in Human-Computer interaction (HCI), Sophie is predominantly interested in practice and the role of technology in maker settings. The decision of turning towards practice was made to move from abstract descriptions about the maker movement, towards more hands-on approach by investigating activities, relations and the organization of maker practice directly at site. Here she proposes that maker practice is the interplay, engagement and experience of makers with materials and tools in maker contexts, which provides a platform to explore emerging material experiences and how new materials (and tools) influence and shape our understanding of design and technology.

Current research activities evolve around the concept of material literacy and the 3D printing process. First publications have made it into premier international conferences and Sophie is regularly contacted to speak or organize workshops related to her research topic. Current teaching obligations include courses on experiential prototyping (master level), design, creativity and innovation with a focus on maker practice and material and supervising student exam work (bachelor level).

Prior to her PhD endevor, Sophie has been working as research- and management assistant at the Mobile Life VINN Excellence Centre, as well as obtaining different positions within project management and communications. Her qualifications include a M.Sc. in Interactive Media Design and a BA in Media Management and Journalism.

DISCLAIMER: Sophie is currently on maternity leave and will return April 2019.


HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) med länkar till STS (Science Technology Studies), Design Research, RtD (Resarch-through-Design)

Research interest in keywords

Maker movement, Experience, Materiality, Subculture, Material literacy, Fabrication, Participatory Design, Interaction Design

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Studying interactions with materials and machines

Taking (a)part [in] maker practice