Steffen Werther

Steffen Werther



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Historical and Contemporary Studies


My current research focusses on five, partly overlapping, topics:

1. WWII, Racial Science and SS-Ideology
My research focusses on the SS’s Greater Germanic idea, based on race, and its tensions with völkisch concepts of national socialism. My dissertation (2012) deals with the Greater Germanic ideology’s implementation in the Danish border region of South Jutland during WWII.

2. Eco Fascism
I conduct research on environmentalism within the contemporary German far right. Among other things I describe the recent efforts of Germany’s far right to occupy and (re)claim environmentalism as their natural field of activism and politics. As a result of these efforts we can observe the formation of a multifaceted “New Ecological Right”, which members envision themselves as successors and/or modernizers of a nationalistic environmentalist tradition.

3. Memory work of Waffen-SS Veterans and the Cultural Legacy of the Waffen-SS in a European Perspective
My research concerns Waffen-SS (W-SS) veterans identity and memory work, as well as the cultural legacy of the W-SS and its ideology in European far right groups, but also in popular culture. It focuses (so far) on German, Scandinavian, Dutch and Flemish W-SS veterans and their sympathizers and “heirs” (in a wider sense) during the post war period, with a focus on the key decades following the collapse of the Soviet Union up to today.

4. Moral Economy of Humanitarianism
Since 2013 I am a member in the international research project "The Moral Economy of Global Civil Society: A History of Voluntary Food Aid”; financed by the Swedish Research Council; project leader Norbert Götz). I am responsible for the case study on the Russian famine 1921-23.

5. Romani Studies
Since 2016 I am member in the research project “Police, Experts and Race – Handling the ‘Gypsie Plague’ in Denmark, Sweden and Latvia 1930-1945”. I am responsible for the case study “Danish ‘Gypsy Experts’ 1920-1950 – A Sonderweg?”

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