Tatiana Sokolova

Tatiana Sokolova

Doctoral Student

I research the interface between knowledge and governance for sustainability transformations: how knowledge, imagination and action are co-produced by diverse actors.

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Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies


I analyse how knowledge, imagination and action are co-produced by diverse actors at the interface between knowledge and governance for sustainability transformations. I look at both sides of the 'power-knowledge' co-production loop: how certain forms of knowledge help construct, maintain and contest sustainability policies and practices, and how political and sociotechnical imaginaries direct sustainability science and research. I am interested in how the plurality of sustainability visions, knowledges and practices across multiple governance levels, societal actors and epistemic cultures comes together and falls apart in Western and East-European democracies, and I search for an empirical way into understanding the connection between epistemic and ecologial (other-than-human) justice.

Publications (selected)

Sokolova, T., Gallardo Fernández, G. L. & Saunders, F. (2020). Introduction: Learning to Learn from the Complex Interactions and Dilemmas of Field Research. In: Gallardo Fernández, G. L., Saunders, F. & Sokolova, T. eds. (2020). Co-creating Actionable Science : Reflections from the Global North and South. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 1–12.

Gallardo F., G. L. & Saunders, F. & Sokolova, T. & Börebäck, K. & van Laerhoven, F. & Kokko, S. & Tuvendal, M., (2017) “We adapt … but is it good or bad? Locating the political ecology and social-ecological systems debate in reindeer herding in the Swedish Sub-Arctic”, Journal of Political Ecology 24(1), p.667-691. doi: https://doi.org/10.2458/v24i1.20960Länk till annan webbplats. External link.

Sokolova, Tatiana, Wouter Blankestijn and Ksenia Zakharova (2021) ‘Inheriting the Pandora Box: Environmental Impacts of the Soviet Industrial Legacy’. Baltic Worlds (Online). https://balticworlds.com/inheriting-the-pandora-box-environmental-impacts-of-the-soviet-industrial-legacy/

News items and discussions

Tatiana Sokolova (2021). Forskning är alltid politisk – den sker inte i ett vakuum (Debattartikel). https://universitetslararen.se/2021/10/07/forskning-ar-alltid-politisk-den-sker-inte-i-ett-vakuum/

The role of arts in the creation of a sustainable society. Interview with the organisers of The Politics of Environmental Knowledge conference, Södertörn and Färgfabriken, 23-24 May 2022. https://www.sh.se/nyheter/forskning/2022-04-26-konstens-roll-i-skapandet-av-ett-hallbart-samhalle

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