Veronika Muchitsch

Veronika Muchitsch

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

In my research, I investigate mediations of music and subjectivity at the intersections of human and technological processes in contemporary music cultures.

Culture and Education


My research combines perspectives from musicology, popular music studies, gender and media studies and examines how music, meaning and subjectivities are negotiated in contemporary digital music and media cultures. In my ongoing postdoc project, I investigate how Spotify mediates music and gender through automated and human processes of categorizing and curating music.

I have also recently written about how voices come to signal gender in contemporary pop music through processes of singing and listening, and about the negotiation of emotion and gender through musical participation on TikTok.


In 2023, I teach and supervise theses within popular music studies, music analytical perspectives, music and gender as well as broader cultural theoretical subjects at Uppsala University and Södertörn University.

This fall, I am also co-hosting the conference Mediations of Music and Power in Online Music Cultures at Södertörn University, September 21-22, 2023. External link, opens in new window.



Muchitsch, V. (2023a). Listening to Anohni’s variously vibrating voice: Studying transfeminine vocality in 21st-century popular music culture through the concept of vocal figurations. Popular Music, 42(2), 59-78.

Delle, A., Fabian, A., Gálvez, J., Gilli, L., Just, S., Klauke, C., & Muchitsch, V. (2023). Klangliche Materialität(en) von Musik - Versuch einer So(u)ndieurung in den Popular Music Studies. Ein Forum. In R. von Appen & P. Klose (Eds.), “All the Things You Are”. Die materielle Kultur populärer Musik (Vol. 47, pp. 12-32). transcript.

Muchitsch, V. (2020a). Vocal figurations: Technique, technology, and mediation in the gendering of voice in twenty-first-century pop music [Doctoral Thesis, Uppsala University].

Muchitsch, V. (2020b). Religion and Popular Music. Häger, A., ed., 2018. Religion and popular music: artists, fans, and cultures. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2018. 246 pp. ISBN 978-13-5000-147-3. [Review]. Svensk tidskrift för musikforskning, 102, 141-143.

Muchitsch, V. (2016). Neoliberal Sounds? The Politics of Beyoncé's Voice on “Run The World (Girls)”. PopScriptum(12), 1-14.

Forthcoming (accepted)
Muchitsch, V. (2023b). “Genrefluid” Spotify Playlists and Mediations of Genre and Identity in Music Streaming. IASPM Journal 13(3).

Muchitsch, V. (2024). Sad Girls on TikTok: Musical and Multimodal Participatory Practices as Affective Negotiations of Ordinary Feelings and Knowledges in Online Music Cultures. Popular Music and Society, 47(2).

Muchitsch, V., & Werner, A. (2023). The Mediation of Genre, Identity, and Difference in Contemporary (Popular) Music Streaming. Twentieth- Century Music, 20(3).

Popular and creative writing

Muchitsch, V. (2023a). Dreaming, Remembering, Building. Reflections on Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck’s ‘Dreaming About Tomorrow’ at Nidi Gallery, Tokyo, October 2022. In Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck: Dreaming About Tomorrow (pp. 36-41). London: Poetic Pastel Press.

Muchitsch, V. (2022). The Ghosts of Academia. In J. Hansen & I. Nilsson (Eds.), Critical Storytelling: Experiences of Power Abuse in Aca- demia. Leiden: Brill.

Muchitsch, V. (2018). Introduction. In J. Tagada, Daily Practice. London: InOtherWords.

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