Viktor Johansson

Viktor Johansson

Associate Professor

Senior Lecturer

Viktor Johansson works on philosophy of education, children's philosophical thought, children's literature and indigenous early childhood education.

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Teacher Education


The overarching theme of my research has been philosophical aspects of interactions between children and adults, especially in relation to early childhood education. That interest has mainly emerged as a work on children’s philosophy and in philosophy of education as an encounter between ethics, aesthetics, and literary theory.
Moreover, I have worked on exploring methods of ordinary language philosophy on topics such as learning, philosophy of play and philosophy through play.
At the moment I explore different forms of educational practices in indigenous contexts. In particular I am exploring children's philosophy and storytelling in Sámi early childhood education in encounters with traditional actitivites and stories.


Books and Book Chapters:

Johansson, Viktor, (2022). An exercise in Sami philosophising: indigeneity, the young child, and an ethics of cultural translation. In Dina Mendonca & Florian Franken Figueiredo eds, Conceptions of Childhood and Moral Education in Philosophy for Children. (J. B. Metzler)

Johansson, Viktor (2019). Literature and Philosophical Play in Early Childhood Education: A Humanities Based Approach to Research and Practice (London: Routledge).

Johansson, Viktor (2019). Filosofi i tidig barndom: Omedelbarhetens pedagogik (Malmö: Gleerups).

Johansson, Viktor (2018). Philosophy for Children and Children for Philosophy: Possibilities and Problems. In Ann Chinnery, Viktor Johansson & Naomi Hodgson section eds. Section 3, Revisiting Enduring Debates in Paul Smeyers ed. International Handbook of Philosophy of Education. (Dordrecht: Springer).

Peer-reviewed Articles:

Johansson, Viktor (2021) Sámi children as thought herders: philosophy of death and storytelling as radical hope in early childhood education. Policy Futures in Education (Online first). doi:10.1177/14782103211031413

Johansson, Viktor (2021). Olmmái-Stállu: deflection, decolonization, and silence in Sámi early childhood scholarship, Ethics and Education, 16:1, 51-73, DOI: 10.1080/17449642.2020.1864594

Johansson, Viktor (2019). Cosmopolitanism and the Pedagogy of Immediacy: Preparing Teachers for the Philosophical Life of Early Childhood. Knowledge Cultures 8(1)

Johansson, Viktor (2018). Killing the Buddha: Towards a Heretical Philosophy of Learning. Educational Philosophy and Theory 50(1).

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