Viviane Griesinger

Viviane Griesinger

Doctoral Student

I research forest politics and the role of non-state actors in international political processes.

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Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies

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Doctoral research project on old-growth forests and international political processes, funded by the Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies for the period 2020-2025 and approved by the national Swedish Ethical Review Authority (no. 2022-01671-01). 

The Carpathian forests host important resources for the timber industry, nature and climate conservation efforts, and tourism. Their use, however, is criticised as ecological studies observed forest disturbances due to logging. During the last two decades, the management of Romanian old-growth forests has been politicised by non-state actors in the European Union (EU), addressing temperate old-growth forests in particular. This forest type gained increasing attention, and has been set on the political agenda of the EU, namely in biodiversity and forest strategies.

I am conducting a research project on the topic of international political processes related to old-growth forests in Romania, titled ”Forest political networks and their narratives: Resource frontiers and transnational politics of Carpathian forests”. The aim of the research project is to understand the role of non-state groups in international political processes, including that of non-governmental organisations, business associations, and certification schemes. Qualitative interviews will be conducted with members of groups which pursue activities that are related to the research, identification, conservation, and management of old-growth forests.

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