Yanti Sastrawan

Yanti Sastrawan

Doctoral Student

Doctoral Student in Media & Communications in the Graduate School: School, Sport, Screen. My research observes Indonesia's digitalisation of education in the context of Pancasila.

Culture and Education


I am a PhD Candidate in Media & Communications in Södertörn University, and part of the Graduate School: School, Sport, Screen. My research project observes the digitalisation of education in Indonesia with the context of the national state ideology known as Pancasila [pantʃaˈsila] or the Five Principles and how it is being implemented in citizenship education, particularly within digital educational content found in digital teaching and learning platforms.

Prior to my doctoral studies, I completed a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication Design at BINUS International University in Jakarta, Indonesia, a Master of Arts Degree in Media and Communication Studies at Goldsmiths College, University of London in the UK, and a Master of Science Degree in Digital Media and Society at Uppsala University in Sweden.

Coming from a background of visual communication design, I have experience working as a copywriter, columnist writer, and content manager. Within academics, my fields of interest started in studying topics including the representation of the self on social media as well as news production and consumption on social media.

With my current research project, I am exploring the social imaginary within the imagined teaching and imagined learning acquired through the educational sciences perspective in understanding what good education means through a decolonisation perspective; not only for expecting future citizens but also for what it means to be Indonesian.

Connect with me:
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The researcher is not participating in any projects at this moment.