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Loan regulations

Here you will find the complete loan regulations and conditions of use. They apply to all library card holders at Södertörn University Library.

Complete loan regulations at Södertörn University Library

Last updated February 2024
Dnr. 351-1.8.2-2024

Loan regulations and conditions of use


  1. As a library card holder, you agree to follow the loan regulations and conditions of use. Loan regulations may be subject to change.
  2. As a student or member of staff at Södertörn University (SH), you automatically become a library card holder upon registration at the university. Your SH-card functions also as your library card.
  3. As a student at Swedish Red Cross University (RKH), you automatically become a library card holder by registering to a course at the university. Obtain your library card by presenting valid ID at the library information desk.
  4. If you are either a student at any other university or belong to the general public, obtain your library card by presenting valid ID at the library information desk.
  5. The required age for obtaining a library card is 18.
  6. To obtain a library card, we need to register your Swedish Social Security number or LMA card number and other personal data in the library user register. Your data is handled in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR (EU) 2016/679.
  7. The library’s principal means of communicating with you will be by email. Therefore, as a library card holder, it is your responsibility to notify the library about changes in your contact details, e.g. email address.
  8. Your library card is personal to you, and you must treat it as an important document. In case you lose your card, immediately report it to the library, so that we can block it.
  9. Information regarding loans, requests and reservations is confidential, in accordance with 40 kap 3§ Offentlighets- och sekretesslagen (SFS 2009:400)


  1. You are personally responsible for keeping track of due dates on borrowed items, and you must return material on time. This is also valid in case of travelling, illness, or other unforeseen circumstances. See information about loan periods for different types of material on the page Borrow External link..
  2. Please note that only students and staff members at universities with whom the library has a special cooperation may borrow course books. See which types of material you are permitted to borrow on the page Borrow External link..
  3. You are personally responsible for any loans made on your library account, until they are returned and registered within the loan system. You may not scribble, underline or in any other way make notes in material belonging to the library.
  4. You may lose the right to borrow if you do not abide by these rules.


  1. We can borrow material that is not part of our collection from another library, if you need it for research or studies. This is called an interlibrary loan. If you are a student or a member of the general public, we will not make interlibrary loans of material that is part of the collection of any library in the Stockholm region. Interlibrary loans within the Stockholm region are permitted only for staff members at universities that have Södertörn University Library as their library.
  2. Interlibrary loans are free of charge for anyone within the Nordic region. If you are a student or a member of the general public, we will charge you for loans from outside the Nordic region, as well as for printed copies of articles. See current fees on the page Request interlibrary loans or suggest a purchase External link.. If you are a staff member at a university that has Södertörn University Library as its library, all interlibrary loans, no matter the location, as well as copies of printed articles, are free of charge.
  3. Loan periods and other regulations regarding interlibrary loans are decided by the library to which the material belongs.


  1. We will apply a fine for overdue material. See current rates on the page Overdue fines and invoices External link..
  2. As a service to you, we send out reminders and demands of overdue material via email. However, it is always your responsibility to keep track of due dates, regardless of whether emails are delivered.
  3. In case you have an overdue fine of, or exceeding, 100 SEK, you will be blocked from borrowing and reserving books, as well as renewing existing loans. The block will be removed immediately once fines have been paid in full.
  4. If material is not returned or renewed following a final demand, we will send an invoice to the postal address registered with the library. We also send out invoices for damaged and lost material. If you have received an invoice, you will be blocked from borrowing and reserving books, as well as renewing existing loans, until your payment is registered with the library.
  5. All invoices cover the replacement cost for any unreturned borrowed materials as well as an administration fee in accordance with specified rates. You must pay the administration fee, even if you return the material after receiving an invoice. This also applies to cases where you have chosen to replace the book. Please note that any overdue fines will be added. Please see the page Overdue fines and invoices External link. for details.
  6. We may send unpaid invoices to a debt collection agency.


  1. You can access all databases (including e-books and e-journals) to which the library subscribes. If you are a student or staff member at SH or the Swedish Red Cross University, this can be done either on or off campus. Availability of databases differs between universities, see the page Databases External link.. All other users can access most databases on the library premises.
  2. As a user you must respect the terms of use. Terms may differ between different databases. See each database for specific terms of use.


  1. Södertörn University Library is open to all.
  2. If you disturb any library operations, other visitors or staff members, you may be temporarily blocked from using some or all of the library’s services. We will report any illegal activity to the police.
  3. Disciplinary measures, such as official warnings and suspensions, may also be taken against students at universities where Södertörn University Library is the library, in accordance with Högskoleförordningen (SFS 1993:100) 10 kap, §1, punkt 3.


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