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Loan regulations

Here you will find the complete loan regulations and conditions of use. They apply to all library card holders at Södertörn University Library.

Complete loan regulations at Södertörn University Library

Last updated August 2020
Dnr. 2439-1.8.2-2020

1. The library card

1.1 Students and staff at Södertörn University (SH) become library card holders when they receive their SH-card. Students and staff at Red Cross University College (RKH) and other visitors can obtain a library card by showing valid photo-identification, such as a passport or driver’s license (minimum age: 16 years).

1.2 Library card holders automatically agree to follow loan regulations and conditions of use.

1.3 When you apply for a library card your name, personal number, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number will be saved in the library’s register. The library deals with your personal data according to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

1.4 Library card holders are personally responsible for informing the library of any changes to their contact information. The library primarily uses e-mail to contact library card holders. It is your own responsibility to ensure that we have your correct and updated email address. For staff at SH, the university e-mail addresses will be used unless we are informed otherwise. For students at SH, the e-mail address is imported from Ladok.

1.5 Your library card is personal and may not be used by anyone else.

1.6 The library card is valid for the current semester for students and one year for the general public. For SH and RKH staff, cards are valid for three years.

1.7 Your library card is a valuable; loss or theft of your library card should be reported to the library immediately. It will then be blocked to prevent any unauthorised use.

1.8 Details regarding library users’ loans, orders and reservations are considered private in accordance with chapter 9, paragraph 22 of the data protections act (9 kap 22 § sekretesslagen – SFS 1980:100, SFS 1989:713).

2. Loans and loan periods

2.1 Library card holders are personally responsible for making a note of loan periods as well as returning loans of materials on time. This is also the case irrespective of travel or sickness.

2.2 Library card holders are personally responsible for all their loans until they have been returned in the library system.

2.3 There are certain restrictions regarding loans related to courses at SH and RKH.

2.4 Journals are not available for loan.

2.5 The standard loan period for printed material is 21 days. Automatic renewals are applied.

2.6 The loan period for course literature is 7 days. Automatic renewals are applied.

2.7 Day-loan books must be returned on the same day as they are borrowed.

2.8 For certain materials, such as films, computer games etc. other loan periods may apply.

3. Interlibrary loans

3.1 Research and study materials which are not registered in the library catalogue can be ordered as an interlibrary loan on behalf of the library card holder. However, materials available from another library within the Stockholm region can only be ordered on behalf of staff at SH and RKH.

3.2 Interlibrary loans from libraries within the Nordic Region are free of charge. Charges apply for interlibrary loans from outside of the Nordic Region as well as orders for articles on behalf of students and the general public. For a list of the charges see the library website.

3.3 Loan periods and other regulations connected to interlibrary loans are decided by the library lending the materials.

4. Fines for overdue material

4.1 Fines for the late return of materials are in accordance with rates shown on the library website. Fines are to be paid online or in the library using a bank card.

4.2 The library does not guarantee the sending out of reminders and demands for late materials but offers it as a service via e-mail.

4.3 Library card holders whose unpaid fines reach or exceed 100 SEK will be prevented from making further loans, reservations and renewals. This block is lifted when the fines have been paid in full.

5. Invoicing

5.1 Invoices are sent out for materials that have not been returned following a final demand. Invoices are also sent out for lost or damaged materials.

5.2 An invoice will be sent to the postal address that is registered with the library.

5.3 An invoice includes the replacement cost for the borrowed materials as well as a handling fee in accordance with specified rates. If the borrowed materials are returned after the invoice has been sent, the handling fee must still be paid. Unpaid invoices may be sent to debt collections.

5.4 Library card holders with unpaid invoices are blocked from making further loans, reservations and renewals. This block is lifted when the invoice has been paid and registered with the library.

6. Using e-resources

6.1 The e-resources that the library subscribes to (databases, e-books and full text e-journals) can be accessed from within the university’s network. To access these resources from outside of the university network you must either be a student or a member of staff at SH or RKH. Some of the e-resources that the library subscribes to are limited to students and members of staff at SH and others are limited to students and members of staff at RKH. Everyone else can use the e-resources on library premises.

6.2 Library users must respect licensing agreements. The printing out and downloading of materials from the resources that the library subscribes has certain restrictions and is for personal (non-commercial) use in your studies and research.


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