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Welcome to the library! Södertörn University Library is located in Flemingsberg, south of Stockholm. It is the library of Södertörn University (SH), The Swedish Red Cross University College (RKH) and The University College of Music Education in Stockholm (SMI). On this page you will get more information on how to find your way to and around the library.

Opening hours

Opening hours from 23 August




The information desk is staffed all day during the period 30 August–10 September.
All other days staffed 10:00–17:00.



Open to the public from 23 August.

Find all opening hours on the page Contact and opening hours.

Finding the library

We are located in the campus area of Flemingsberg, just a few minutes' walk from Flemingsberg station. The address for visitors is Alfred Nobels Allé 11. When arriving from the commuter train, walk towards the campus area, and you will find the library on your left, opposite the Södertörn University main building Moas Båge. Click on the plus to find more information about accessibility.


The library’s main entrance is located on the main square (Blickatorget). The address is Alfred Nobels allé 11. The entrance consists of two doorways and passageways, fitted with automatic door openers. Doorway width: 90 cm.

You can also access the library via the lift, from the entrance next to the restaurant Allé Elva on floor 4. The university’s buildings are built so that access to the library is possible from anywhere inside the university.


There are 2 disability parking spaces outside the entrance to Alfred Nobels allé 5, and 2 outside the entrance to the building Primus. If the disability parking spaces are occupied, you are allowed to park free of charge in any other parking space belonging to the university, as long as you display your "Disability Parking Permit" (The Swedish Transport Agency).

Finding your way around the library

The library is divided into 2 floors:

  • The main entrance is located on Floor 5. When you enter the building you will find the information desk and this is where you can ask all your questions. Just next to the desk is the room where we keep a copy of all the mandatory course literature, available for loan during the day. On floor 5 you will also find journals, our collection of teaching resources and all the literature placed on shelves A–I. Conversations and group work are allowed on this floor.
  • Floor 6 is the upper floor of the library. Here you will find government publications and all literature placed on shelves J–X. The floor is divided into a quiet zone, and a zone where conversations are allowed. If you want to work together in a group, please make sure to check which zone you are in.

On each floor there are group study rooms and rooms with printers and photocopiers. There are also group work spaces everywhere in the library where conversations are allowed. You will find toilets on both floors.

Between floors 5 and 6 is the Silent reading room. Above the library, on floor 7, are the examination halls, and below the library, on floor 4, is a restaurant.

Read more about the different rooms and the varied study environment we offer on the page Study in the library.

Looking for accessibility information? See the page Accessibility and facilities.


Read about our loan regulations and how to borrow on the page Borrow.

Haven't got a library card? If you are not a student or member of staff at SH or RKH you can fill in the form Apply for a library card (temporarily disconnected due to corona restrictions stating that only students and staff members may currently visit and borrow).

More information about the material offered by the library can be found on the page Library collections.

Rules and etiquette

The library is our shared space so make sure you look after it! Put away all your rubbage in the bins provided and take care when using the book collection and other materials.

The library is divided into different zones, where different levels of noise is accepted. Be aware of where you are and follow the rules in that particular study space.

You may eat fruit and sweets and drink beverages in the library. If you wish to have a meal, please go to restaurants, cafés or student kitchens in Moas båge or at The Swedish Red Cross University College. More information can be found on the page Food on campus.

Rules and etiquette at Södertörn University Library

The library is our common space so take good care of it. Be nice to each other and to the library's furniture and books.

The study environment

The library is divided into different zones, where different levels of noise is accepted. Be aware of where you are and follow the rules in that particular study space.

  • 5th floor (entrance)
    Group study area. A reasonable level of sound is permitted, set mobile phones to low volume.
  • Floor 5.5 (Silent Reading Room)
    No talking. Set mobile phones to silent.
  • 6th floor
    Silent area: No talking. Set mobile phones to silent.
    Group study area: A reasonable level of sound is permitted, set mobile phones to low volume.

Library materials

Please take care of the library’s books and other equipment. For example, making notes or highlighting text in the books is not permitted.

Food and drink

Fruit, sandwiches and sweets are allowed in the library as long as you throw away the rubbish in the bins provided. Drinks are also ok. If you want to eat anything else please visit the university’s restaurants/cafés or use the student kitchen in Moas båge.

Waste and recycling

Put your rubbish in the bins provided.

Glass, plastics and other materials can be sorted using the recycling bins by the library entrance.

Paper-recycling bins are located in the copying/printing rooms.


The computers in the library may only be used in accordance with Södertörn university terms and conditions (with your user ID). Read more about it on the page Terms and conditions for IT systems.

What happens if I don't follow the rules?

If you disrupt services in the library it can lead to disciplinary proceedings and expulsion (Högskoleförordningen (SFS 1993:100) 10 kap, §1, punkt 3). For more information see page Rights, obligations and safety.


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