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Publish your essay in DiVA

As a student at Södertörn University (SH) or the Swedish Red Cross University (RKH) you can publish your Bachelor’s essay or Master's thesis in the digital archive, DiVA. The archive consists of publications written by both researchers and students.

When can I publish my essay in DiVA?

When your essay has received a passing grade and when you have made all the necessary amendments to the text as requested by your teacher, you can publish it in DiVA. The essay/thesis that is registered must be at a Bachelor level or higher. We check all registrations before publication and it may take five days before your thesis becomes visible in DiVA.

Before you publish your thesis in DiVA you need to make sure that:

Use the "Checklist for publishing in DiVA" below when you fill in the DiVA form. If you have any questions, please contact publications@sh.se.

You can at any time pause the registration by clicking on Cancel/Save draft and continue later. You will find your saved drafts in "My drafts". Tip: Put the checklist and the DiVA form in two windows next to each other. This will make the registration process easier for you.

Only the information below is needed. The remaining fields in the DiVA form can be left empty.


All authors must be included. If you want to add an author, click “Another author”.

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Choose organisation (If you are a student at SH you choose the institution, or as appropriate Teacher Education, Police Education. If you are a student at the RKH you choose the Red Cross University)
  • E-mail (if you want to receive an e-mail when the thesis has been published in DiVA)


  • Main title
  • Subtitle
  • Language

Alternative title

Fill in if you want the title to be displayed in an additional language (optional).


  • Level
  • University credits (for the essay/thesis)
  • Subject / course (SH) or Educational program (RKH)

Other information

  • Year
  • Number of pages (the last numbered page)

National subject category

  • Choose one or more categories (If you are a student at the RKH you choose nursing or global health)


If there are keywords also in another language, click the button “Keywords in another language”.

  • Keywords (separated by commas)
  • Language


If there are abstracts in other languages, click “Another abstract”.

  • Abstract
  • Language


If there are more than one supervisor, click “Another supervisor”.

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Choose organization (If you are a student at SH you choose the department of the examiner, if you are a student at the RKH you choose the Department of Health Sciences)


  • Last name
  • First name
  • Choose Organisation (If you are a student at SH you choose the department of the examiner, if you are a student at the RKH you choose the Department of Health Sciences)

Click Continue

When should the file be made freely available?

If the text is considering to be an article, you can choose a later date for when the full text will be visible in DiVA.

  • Make freely available later (only if you are writing an article from the text)

Upload file

Only the version of your thesis that has been approved by your examiner is to be uploaded to DiVA. Scroll down to “Browse…” to upload the file.

  • Upload your thesis in PDF format

Publishing conditions

Please read and accept the publication conditions, and then click on Continue

Make sure everything is correct and then click “Submit”.

For students at Södertörn University

Click on the link below to publish your essay in DiVA.

For students at the Swedish Red Cross University (RKH)

Students at RKH are required to register and publish their thesis in DiVA. If you don't want the full text to be made available, you can choose the option "only for archiving" in the final step where you upload the full text. Follow the link below to go to DiVA.

Where will my essay be accessible?

Your published essay will be search­able in several places:

Your essay can also be found by external search engines, such as Google.


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