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Book tutoring in referencing

Do you want to learn more about referencing, source evaluation and information seeking? The library offers one-to-one tutoring for students and staff at Södertörn University and The Swedish Red Cross University College.

Closed for summer 2019

From 5 June to 1 September, our one-to-one-tutoring service is closed for both students and staff. For help with information seeking or referencing, please contact the library.

For our students

We offer one-to-one tutoring for students at Södertörn University (SH) and the Swedish Red Cross University College (RKH) who are writing essays and assignments. During the tutoring session, the librarian will help you with, for example, referencing according to Harvard, Oxford or APA. This is a teaching session focused on your learning, so that you later can work independently on your own.

How do I write references? Where do I find research for my essay? What is a scholarly article? How do I find good search terms? How do I get more relevant results in the databases? These are some of the common questions we get while tutoring. You are very welcome to book an appointment.

Learn more

When and why do you need references? What is the difference between quoting, paraphrasing and plagiarizing? Learn more about writing references.

At SH and RKH, we often use the referencing systems Harvard, APA and Oxford. Download the library’s referencing guides.

For our staff

The library also offers one-to-one tutoring for our researchers, PhD students, teachers and other staff at SH and RKH. The focus of the tutoring should be linked to teaching and learning, research or other university related matters. For example, you can book a time to:

  • Get a short introduction on how to use the reference management program EndNote and Zotero.
  • Increase your knowledge on how to search for and monitor information in relation to your doctoral thesis, research application or research project.
  • Keep yourself up-to-date with relevant databases in your subject area.

The tutoring takes place in the Info Workshop UB 517 in the library, alternatively in your office. We also offer guidance via email and telephone.


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