Evaluation and follow-up of education and research

At Södertörn University, the Faculty Board has ultimate responsibility for the quality of education and research, which entails continually following up, evaluating and improving quality, as well as reviewing the fulfilment of qualitative targets.

Evaluation of education

The university’s study programmes and doctoral-level education are evaluated using a model that is primarily based on self-evaluation. The evaluation of doctoral-level education also includes interviews. Internal evaluators are used in the evaluation of study programmes, while external evaluators work on the evaluation of doctoral-level education. Based on the results of these evaluations, measures must be implemented in the subsequent year. Feedback is provided orally and in writing between the various bodies at the university.

Following up education

The Faculty Board conducts university-wide surveys to investigate the attitudes and experiences of students and doctoral students during their study period. These surveys are conducted every other year.

The results of course assessments are dealt with by collegial bodies at the level of subjects and programmes at academic schools/the equivalent. There are university guidelines for the design and implementation of course evaluations, validated by the Faculty Board.

Evaluating research

Discussions are underway about the internal organisation of research evaluations, with the aim of integrating the quality assurance of research into the university’s systematic work on quality assurance.

In 2015 and 2016, an evaluation of much of the university’s research was initiated by the university, under the name SER 2015. It was conducted by external evaluators in expert panels for selected research areas. The report was published in June 2016.

Evaluation of research quality is now included in the national quality assurance system, in which the Swedish Higher Education Authority will review how higher education institutions systematically assure the quality of their research. This will probably begin during 2021. The quality of research at Södertörn University will not be reviewed in the current evaluation cycle (2017-2022).


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