Development Unit for Higher Education Pedagogy

The Development Unit for Higher Education Pedagogy aims to enhance the quality of teaching and learning at Södertörn University. We work with researchers and teaching staff, as well as administrative staff who want, and are able to, work on developing pedagogical quality.

The Development Unit for Higher Education Pedagogy has a range of open courses and consultative support tailored to activities. We believe that it is important that our work is needs based and conducted as an interplay of theory and practice. We assist teams who want to develop working methods for pedagogical development and planning. We do this by capturing problems an offering guidance, supporting educational projects conducted as teams and by offering subjects or study programmes that a bespoke course in higher education pedagogy to develop their practice in the form of a project. We also support the development of research in higher education pedagogy, as well as working on broader issues relating to the conditions for higher education pedagogy. If you wish to contact us, you are welcome to get in touch with our director Hedda Söderlundh or administrator Emil Sunnerfjell.

Courses and workshops

The Unit for Higher Education Pedagogy offers a wide range of education, from long courses to short courses and workshops. Click on the link below to see our entire offering and to register. Most of our courses are taught in Swedish, and the courses and events that are advertised in English have this as the language of instruction. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions about this, or if your subject would prefer a workshop in Swedish rather than English.

Courses and workshops

Educational qualifications

The purpose of the system for acquiring educational qualifications is to highlight educational expertise, work in a structured manner with pedagogical skills and to encourage and incentivise teaching staff to undertake educational development. Applications are processed by the university’s Qualifications Committee.

One requirement for being assessed is at least 15 credits in higher education pedagogy (according to an agreement between Sweden’s higher education institutions). The Unit for Higher Education Pedagogy also offers an obligatory information session and workshop prior to application. Dates for these are announced under Courses and Workshops.

Our publication series

The Unit for Higher Education Pedagogy has its own publication series, Södertörn Studies in Higher Education, edited by Anders Burman.

The books can be purchased from External link, opens in new window. or External link, opens in new window..

Click here to see the publications in the series External link..


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