Management Council

The Management Council is an advisory organ for the vice-chancellor on strategic issues.

The vice-chancellor chairs the Management Council, which meets 5-6 times a year.


Secretary to the Vice-Chancellor
Tel: +46 (0)8 608 4042

Members of the Management Council:

Gustav Amberg, Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
Nils Ekedahl, Pro-Vice-Chancellor
Ulla Manns, Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Peter Dobers, Chair of the Faculty Board
Hans Andersson, Chief Administrative Officer
Iryna Hauska, Students' Union President
Lovisa Olsson, Doctoral student
Per Bolin, Head of School of Historical and Contemporary Studies
Ester Appelgren, Head of School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies
Charlotta Weigelt, Head of School of Culture and Education
Ali Hajighasemi, Head of School of Social Sciences
Minna Räsänen, Head of School of Police Studies
Anders J Persson, Academic leader of the Teacher Education
Joakim Ekman, Director of CBEES
Lisa Petersen, Library Director
Kerstin Cassel, Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor on real estate and development in the regional urban centre Flemingsberg
Cheick Wagué, Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor for Third stream activities
Andreas Åkerlund, Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor for Internationalisation
Jesper Alvarsson, Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor on sustainability issues Anna Maria Jönsson, Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor on quality assurance issues
Kenneth Wall, Director of Communications
Anton Ridderstad, Head of Planning