Social Sciences

We conduct research and education in Business Studies, International Relations, Journalism, Economics, Public Law, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology and Political Science.

The school specialises in how people interact, socially and psychologically, in terms of politics, economics, law, and the media. It is possible to study political systems and theories, economic models and theories, public law, journalism and the media, social work, sociology and psychology. Research at the school ranges from individual wellbeing to interactions between nation states.

More than 130 teachers and researchers work with education, research and external relations. Students at the school may meet experts in source criticism on the internet or creative writing, a journalist from the newspaper they read on their mobile device on the way to Södertörn University, researchers who are experts on profit in the welfare state or the Arab Spring, researchers who have investigated the important of referendums, or who study how creative people think – to name just a few examples.

Courses and programmes

We offer the following subjects: Business Studies, Economics, International Relations, Journalism, Political Science, Psychology, Public Law, Social Work and Sociology.

We also offer several interesting degree programmes at Bachelor's level, including Business, Technology and Design, International Migration and Integration, and Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Master's degrees include European Legal Studies, International Business Management, Journalism and Human Rights.

In addition, there are numerous courses with different scopes and specialisations - from International Banking (7.5 credits) to Journalism and International Conflicts (15 credits). The school offers courses at different rates of study – full time and part time – and during the day and in the evening. Please visit the subject webpages or the Education tab for more information about which courses are offered. A number of our courses and programmes also offer professional placements.


We have nationally and internationally recognised researchers who head research projects in our strategic research areas, which include the Dynamics of Entrepreneurship; Art, Culture and the Economy; Social Movements; Public Procurement and Political Psychology.

The school is also home to four research centres: CPO, ENTER forum, the Academy of Public Administration, and Reinvent, as well as the PESO research area (Politics, Economy and the Organisation of Society) and a research network, SCOHOST (Stockholm Centre on Health of Societies in Transition).