Students' union

The students' union, SöderS, works with issues related to higher education, as well as social and leisure activities, and is an important means of making the students' voices heard. Participating in the students' union is often fun, and gives exchange students an opportunity to meet Swedish students.

Membership of the students' union was compulsory until June 2010, but is now voluntary. The membership fee is SEK 100 for a semester or SEK 150 for a year. Membership allows students to participate in the students' union's activities and in the international committee's activities. On payment of the students' union fee, students are issued with a student card which allows them to receive student discounts and, for example, allows you to purchase student travel cards to a reduced fare. You must also be a member of the student's union to live in some student accommodation, e.g. SSSBexternal link (Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder).

SöderS has information about social and cultural activities and also assigns exchange students with student mentors, "fadder", who provide advice and are generally fellow students.

Contact details:

Tel: +46 (0)8 608 40 79