Teacher Education

We train and educate pre-school teachers, extended school instructors and teachers for primary, lower and upper-secondary schools. Teacher Education is the hub of the university’s research and doctoral programmes and courses in the field of educational science. We also offer continuing education for professional educators, as well as contract education.

Welcome to Teacher Education at Södertörn University – an education that reflects the present day and prepares you for the future!

The various Teacher Education programmes lead to work in pre-schools, primary and secondary schools or extended school centres. You can become a qualified primary or secondary school teacher.

Our teacher education is located in an internationally mobile urban area and cooperates with neighbouring municipalities. An intercultural profile and the encouragement of liberal education characterise our degree programmes. Teachers from the entire university participate in Teacher Education, contributing to a high level of specialised knowledge among the university's researchers and doctoral students.

Teacher Education Board

Teacher Education is run by the Teacher Education Board. This consists of the schools liaison officer, research coordinator, programme coordinators, academic leader for RUC (regional development centre), an administration representative, two teacher representatives and two student representatives. The Academic Head of Teacher Education is the Chairman of the Board. The Research Committee is a sub-committee of the Board that is run by the Chair of Research and reports to the Board of Teacher Education on the management of issues relating to educational research and third cycle (doctoral) courses and programs. These governing bodies and their members are mandated to lead operative activities in accordance with the Teacher Education's policies and procedures.

Programme Council

Our degree programmes are run by a total of five programme councils. Each one includes a programme coordinator, who is chair, two student representatives and a number of teachers.

Teacher Educators

Teacher Education at Södertörn University recruits teaching staff across all the academic schools of the university. More than a hundred teacher educators form an educational collaborative body that convenes in working groups for specific staff meetings, lectures and higher research seminars. The teachers are subject specialists and experts in didactics and are engaged in their own academic discipline areas. The majority of our teachers are contracted to Teacher Education, using a system that creates collegial stability.


The administration of Teacher Education is run by the Administrative Head, who conducts the administration of finance, courses and programmes, course websites, virtual learning environments and Teacher Education's website.