This webpage contains compiled information due to the war in Ukraine.

Södertörn University: Response to the invasion of Ukraine

“Södertörn University has a specific focus on research into the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe. Due to our research focus, it is natural that Södertörn University has colleagues and departmental contacts with higher education institutions in Ukraine, as with researchers in Poland, Germany, the Baltic States and south-eastern Europe. And with researchers in Russia.

The university has student exchange agreements with two Russian state-run universities. These will now be terminated as Södertörn University has currently ceased cooperation with the Russian state.

Södertörn University is deeply concerned about the consequences of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, in terms of human suffering, academic freedom, and Ukraine’s sovereignty. We wish to support our colleagues in Ukraine in every way we can. The political regime led by Vladimir Putin must immediately cease its military aggression and respect international law.”

Read the entire statement from Södertörn University.

FAQ for prospective students affected by the war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has affected a large part of the population in Ukraine. Södertörn University is receiving questions from students or prospective students from Ukraine about the possibility to apply for studies or continue their studies with us. We have therefore put together an FAQ list to answer some of the most common questions.

Södertörn University supports the statement from the Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions

The Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions wishes to state its strong support for higher education institutions in Ukraine, to colleagues, students and the entire civilian population who are affected by the Russian invasion. The closure of Ukrainian universities due to the current circumstances will have serious consequences, not only for higher education and research, but for society as whole in both the short and long term.

Read the entire text on Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions' website (in Swedish) External link, opens in new window..

Current research about Ukraine and Russia

Södertörn University has many researchers with specialist knowledge of Russia and Ukraine in a range of fields. Links to our themed webpages are provided below. These pages are in Swedish, but a large amount of their research is published in English.

Current research about Ukraine

Current research about Russia


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