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Do we know your email address?

Now is the time to review your email address in Student-Ladok. We have experienced problems with e-mail messages from the library to our borrowers. Here are some great tips that make you as a student/borrower avoid the problems.

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In one of the library's loan regulations is the following stated: "The library does not guarantee the sending out of reminders and demands for late materials but offers it as a service via e-mail." It is good to get that information because we know it is easy to forget. Recently, we have received a large amount of e-mail in return because the e-mail address is not valid.

If you are a student at SH please check that you have a valid e-mail address in Student-Ladokexternal link. On several occasions we have seen that students have used addresses from other institutions that have ceased to work. If so, you will not get the information about your loans from the library. Then you have to change to another valid e-mail address.

If you are a student at RKH or external borrower, you can check and, if necessary, change your e-mail address by logging into My Pagesexternal link and click Modify Personal Information.

Other issues are that some e-mail providers, for example Gmail, have chosen to post messages from the library in the spam. Please check if you have received a message from the library that gets into the spam. If it has happened, enter the message and mark it as "Not spam".

So in order to facilitate your life as a student/borrower, please make sure that you have registered a valid e-mail address and then check if the messages end up in the spam.


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