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I <3 the library... or don't I?

How do you feel about the library? Maybe you have grown tired of us and want to break up? Or have you perhaps just fallen in love? Come and write us a letter. On Friday, 14 February, you will find us in the library's entrance area with paper and pens (and perhaps some candy).

Student läser på en surfplatta

This is a way for us to try to capture your thoughts. You can write a love letter where you tell us what's good about the library as a whole or any particular service or function. Or maybe you would rather post a break-up letter telling us what absolutely does not work?

Love letter/Break-up letter is a so-called UX method. UX stands for User Experience and is a method to capture users' experiences, thoughts and feelings. This helps us to better understand how you feel about the library. A fun and easy way to both give and receive feedback.

On Valentine's Day you get the chance to declare your love or break up with us. We look (somewhat trembling) forward to your letter.

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