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The library is open to students and staff members, but don't forget your keycard

The library is now open according to regular opening hours, limited due to the pandemic. We are open only to students and members of staff at Södertörn University (SH), the Swedish Red Cross University College (RKH) and the Stockholm University College of Music Education (SMI). Please remember to bring your keycard to access the library, since the doors are locked. Information about how to obtain your card is provided below.

Student läser på en surfplatta

Members of the public

If you are a member of the public (including students at Stockholm University, Karolinska Institutet and KTH Royal Institute of Technology) you can currently not visit the library. These restrictions are due to the pandemic and apply until further notice. We apologise and look forward to seeing you when this is possible.

Students and members of staff at SH, RKH and SMI

As a student or member of staff you can visit the library during opening hours, but will need a keycard (SH-Card) to enter. Read more below about how to get your card. Please make sure you do not let anyone else in when you enter or exit the library and remember to bring your ID, as checks may be carried out.

Student at SH

Student or member of staff at RKH

Student or member of staff at SMI

If you are new, please check out our guide to the library, to get a brief overview.

Looking forward to seeing you, old as well as new students.

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