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Exhibition at the Library: Living in an Oilfield - Images and voices from Patos-Marinza Oilfield, Albania

Exhibition at the library 23 May–16 June. Photografies by Sidonie Hadoux, with texts by Sara Persson.

Oljefält. Foto: Sidonie Hadoux

Photo: Sidonie Hadoux

This exhibition examines how it is to live in an oilfield through photographs and quotes from actors working and living in the Albanian oilfield Patos-Marinza.

Introductory text by the exhibitors:

"A photograph by Sidonie, taken in the oilfield during 2014, decorates the cover of Sara´s dissertation. Black tanks where oil is deposited in the middle. An oilrig and a gas flare as part of the oil infrastructure. Green agricultural fields in the foreground. Mount Tomorri in the background. The oilfield looks almost beautiful. The exhibition of photos from the area is closed. The dissertation about Patos-Marinza oilfield is finalized. What now? How can they keep speaking about life in Patos-Marinza? What do they say together?"

The exhibition is a collaboration between Sidonie Hadoux (Photographer) and Sara Persson (PhD in Business Studies) and a collection of material from a photo exhibition and a dissertation, assembled in a new way to keep speaking about oilfield realities.

It will be on display in the library between 23 May and 16 June.


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