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New and cancelled e-resources

We have had some minor changes to our e-resources collection. We have acquired a new e-resource, cancelled a database and have started a one-year trial on a e-resource package.

Händer på dator

Since the beginning of the year, Södertörn University has access to the journal package Social Sciences Collection, which consists of 13 journals from Annual Reviews. Examples of titles from the journal package are:

  • Annual Review of Environment and Resources
  • Annual Review of Political Science
  • Annual Review of Sociology

All the journals are searchable in SöderScholar.

Södertörn University has terminated the subscription to Infotorg. The provider has changed its security requirements due to former unauthorised downloading. Now the provider requires a more advanced login solution that is both expensive and time-comsuming to implement. Södertörn University has still access to the databases Juno and selected parts of InfoSoc. These databases can be found in databaslistan External link, opens in new window..

Througout 2023, Södertörn University has a trial on the Gale Research Complete package. The package includes databases of international newspapers and journals, all of Gale's e-books, all of the publisher's literature databases, a multitude of primary sources in Archives Unbound and business study material in the newly added database Gale Business: Insights. The entire package is searchable in SöderScholar.

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