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New rooms for single studies and two group rooms swapping places

Recent changes in the study environment at the library: two new small study rooms, and one moved group room.

A group room at the library

Small rooms for single studies

We have received several requests concerning rooms for single studies, for anyone in need of extra peace and quiet in order to concentrate, take part in a digital seminar, or perhaps make an interview, to mention only a few of the needs that have come up in conversations with students. And finally, we have come up with a solution!

In the study area Aniara on floor 7, you will now find two small one person study rooms (UB 788 and UB 789). Currently, they can't be booked, so just drop in whenever not in use.

One group room has moved

At the same time, the group room UB 525 has been turned into a room for tutoring. The reason is that on this other side of the pandemic, the need for a room aimed at various pedagogical meetings between students and librarians has returned. This room also functions as a storage room for the library, and suffers great problems with sound leakage, and so was never ideal as a group room. It is no longer available as a group room.

Instead, room UB 517 is now in use as a group room for all students. Currently, this room can't be booked, just drop in when not in use.

What do you think?

This is about your study environment. We would therefore like to know what you think. Should the rooms be bookable? Are they meeting the needs you have in your studies? Any other opinions? We look forward to hearing from you.

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