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Peter Dobers elected to the board of the Knowledge Foundation

Professor Peter Dobers was elected to the board of the Knowledge Foundation on 8 June. “Naturally, I am very honoured,” he says.

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The Knowledge Foundation was founded in 1994, when the employee funds were abolished. The Knowledge Foundation funds research and skills development in collaboration with business.

Södertörn University received the opportunity to nominate board members to the Knowledge Foundation and the choice fell on Professor Peter Dobers. Peter Dobers’ extensive experience of collaboration is highlighted in his nomination. On behalf of Södertörn University, Peter has initiated and chaired the Board for Strategic Collaboration and, since 2017, led the development of strategic work on collaboration at the university. The latter has resulted in 43 mobility projects for academic staff to a number of workplaces in all sectors, as well as in agreements for strategic partnerships between Södertörn University and Botkyrka Municipality (2020) and Huddinge Municipality (2021). He now leads the strategic working groups in both these partnerships.

“Naturally, it is a great honour for me personally, and probably also a good way of recognising how Södertörn University has systematically worked on strategic collaboration,” says Peter Dobers, on his election to the board.

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