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Are you under 35? Do you work in politics, administration or civil society? Apply for the Academy of Public Administration’s module in Transnational Public Administration and Organizing!

Applications are now open for the module in Transnational Public Administration and Organizing at Södertörn University, part of the Swedish Institute’s Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP) programme. Applications close on 5 April!

Participants in SAYP 2022

The overarching theme of SAYP is och modern and sustainable public administration. The programme’s purpose is to offer participants a platform for the exchange of experiences and building up knowledge and networks. The aim is to strengthen participants in their roles as future changemakers in the region.

Södertörn University’s Academy of Public Administration is offering a module in Transnational Public Administration and Organizing for young professionals from the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Partnership countries. Its content is tailor-made for navigating the challenges and opportunities that can arise in public administration. Participants will be introduced to research and various methods for Transnational Public Administration and Organizing, and trained in implementing this knowledge in their own organisations and developing in their roles.

“The module provides the type of knowledge of international conditions that is difficult to achieve by studying. The module gains an extra dimension from participants being able to base it on their practical experience of an international environment, facilitating joint knowledge production and the exchange of ideas. This is particularly true for young professionals who are aiming to work in an international context. This module offers us the opportunity to provide this type of valuable experience,” says Andreas Åkerlund, advisor to the vice-chancellor on internationalisation at Södertörn University.

The introduction to the module is on 19 May, after which there is a combination of lectures, seminars, case-based exercises, project work and study visits. The majority of the module is held in Stockholm in August. An interdisciplinary approach allows instructors and participants to investigate the foundations of transnational public administration and organising through themes such as governance, border dynamics and organisational resources.

For admission to the module, you should be from a country included in SAYP (Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Sweden or Ukraine), and under 35 years of age (born in 1988 or after).

You must be employed and working in the public centre, hold a position of public trust, or otherwise work with the development of good public administration:

  • Decisionmakers (politicians, officials and employees of political parties)
  • Public servants (non-political officials who work at public authorities, agencies, ministries)
  • Employees in civil society or non-state organisations.

You can read more about the module in Transnational Public Administration and Organizing at Södertörn University, and apply at: External link.

Read more about SAYP on the Swedish Institute’s website: External link.

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