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Careers Week at Södertörn University

Careers Week at Södertörn University is fast approaching. On 11, 12 and 14 March, you’ll be able to get help registering in the careers portal to create a personal profile, chat with potential employers and find out about job fairs.

“The careers portal is both for current students and for graduates. Our hope is that lots of people want to register and discover the career opportunities that are out there,” says Kerstin Beckenius, head of the unit for Careers and Study Guidance.

Student läser på en surfplatta

During Careers Week, you can drop by the main entrance from 11.00 – 13.00 on any of the dates above to get information about the careers portal, which is entirely free.

“Several careers and study guidance advisers will be there providing advice about how to register and create a personal profile,” says Kerstin Beckenius.

The careers portal has a range of functions, including lists of summer vacancies, chatting with potential employers and information about job fairs. For example, registered users will be able to find about a sustainability fair on 20 March.

“The great thing about the careers portal is that you can make an initial contact with potential employers, both for summer jobs but also for work after graduating. The portal has employers in the private and public sectors, with jobs both in Sweden and abroad,” say Maria Helmfrid and Malin Eckervald, careers and study guidance advisers.

The careers and study guidance advisers at Södertörn University also welcome ideas and suggestions from students at workshops and events that could be held at the university. Get in touch with them via


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