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Information for international students starting in the autumn semester of 2020

We understand that newly admitted international students will have questions and concerns due to the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on their studies in the autumn semester of 2020.

Regular updates to regulations and directives from the Swedish Government and to the decisions made by the university mean that we are currently unable to answer many questions, as some answers may change on a weekly or monthly basis as the situation changes.

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Visit our website regularly for the latest information and please contact us at if you have additional questions.

What is the current situation regarding the coronavirus in Sweden?

The Swedish Government and Swedish authorities are following the spread of the novel coronavirus very carefully and are working hard to keep Sweden and its residents safe. The Public Health Agency of Sweden is a key government agency in the fight against the pandemic. If you want detailed information on the current situation in Sweden, we recommend visiting the Swedish Public Health Agency’s website and the Crisis Information website.

How is the university managing this situation and student safety?

The university’s crisis management group has regular meetings and decides on overarching issues the university has to deal with due to the coronavirus. It monitors updates from the Public Health Agency of Sweden, Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and is following how other higher education institutions are dealing with the issue.

On 17 March 2020, the Swedish Government recommended that all higher education institutions move to distance education. The government announced on 29 May that the University can open for on-site teaching from 15 June. Current students should stay updated using the information on SH-StudyWeb. We have created a list of FAQs for our current students and staff.

I have been conditionally admitted, but will not be able to submit my final documents from my current university before the autumn semester starts because of the coronavirus pandemic and the suspension of studies. What is the deadline for submitting my documents?

If you have been conditionally admitted, your place on the programme depends on you completing your Bachelor’s degree by the time the semester starts – and that you have the documents to prove it. Show this documentation to your department. If you cannot do so by the date set by your department, your admission will be cancelled and you will not be able to register.

I will not be able to make it to Sweden by the Welcome Week and/or start of the autumn semester due to the coronavirus pandemic. What is the latest that I have to physically visit the university in order to complete my registration?

Registration is obligatory and normally done at the beginning of each semester. How it is done varies for different programmes and courses – some have a roll-call and others don’t. Your department will provide you with the relevant details, what you have to do and when.

I cannot complete the tuition fee payment in April or early May due to coronavirus-related restrictions in my home country. Is there a deadline for the tuition fee payment? Will the tuition fee be repaid if I am not able to get a residence permit or make it to Sweden on time due to the coronavirus pandemic?

The deadline for paying the tuition fee deposit has been extended till 31 May 2020. The Swedish Migration Agency requires proof that you have paid the tuition fee before they issue a resident permit. You must contact us if you do not need a residence permit and want to defer your payment past the date on your invoice. If you are unable to get a residence permit or are unable to make it to Sweden on time due to the coronavirus, you will be eligible to apply for a tuition fee refund.

Will the pandemic affect my application for a residence permit for studies?

The Swedish Migration Agency is the authority that is responsible for processing applications for residence permits. The agency has also published an FAQ pageexternal link for international students who have questions in light of COVID-19. We recommend that you visit their website or contact the nearest Swedish diplomatic mission to learn more about the current situation for visas and residence permits.

Will education be on campus or distance learning at the start of the autumn 2020 semester?

Södertörn University will offer only limited teaching on campus in the first period of the autumn semester (31 August - 29 September) because we must continue to contribute to reducing the spread of the coronavirus. However, please note that different arrangements might be made by different departments and schools, so kindly contact your department to check if your programme/course will start on campus or online during the first period. More information about the rest of the semester will be announced in early autumn.

If the university decides to have classes online (distance learning) instead of on campus after I have paid my tuition fee, will my tuition fee be refunded?

Yes, you can have a refund if there is a change from on campus classes to distance learning after you have paid your tuition fee. Instructions for requesting a refund are available on our website.

Is Södertörn University offering any support for its students during the coronavirus pandemic?

We are offering as much support as we can. All of our support functions, such as Careers and Study Guidance, the Study Support Unit and the Student Health Centre are open, but are not accepting physical visits. Students are recommended to contact them via phone or email to make an appointment.

What is the deadline for applying for student accommodation?

The deadline for housing applications has been extended due to the coronavirus outbreak. People who apply in the normal application period (1 April – 1 May) will be given priority. If you apply in the extension period, rooms will be allocated on a first come first served basis, but we will try to fulfil your requests wherever possible.

The payment deadline for the holding deposit has been extended until 14 August. Payment for the remaining rent for the semester is due on 3 September. Please do not pay your rent until you receive the invoice.

Can I defer my studies if I cannot attend the university in the autumn of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic?

Unfortunately, newly admitted students will not be able to defer their studies until the autumn of 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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