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Coronavirus FAQ

This article is updated on an ongoing basis. The coronavirus outbreak has an impact on activities at Södertörn University and on our staff, students and doctoral students. The university has produced some FAQs to answer common questions.

Student läser på en surfplatta

How is the university dealing with questions/situations due to the coronavirus?

The university’s crisis management group is meeting regularly to decide upon overarching issues facing the university due to the coronavirus. The crisis management group is monitoring updates from the Public Health Agency of Sweden, Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and is following how other higher education institutions are dealing with the issue.

Information to staff, students and doctoral students is regularly updated on the employee web and on A news article about the recommendations is available here.

Members of staff who have questions should talk to their line manager.

Students who have questions should email or their teacher.

The university’s crisis management group includes the vice-chancellor, PA to the vice-chancellor, chief administrative officer, director of communications, director of HR and head of security. Other people may be co-opted to the crisis management group.

The Swedish Government recommends that all higher education institutions move to distance education from Wednesday 18 March. Södertörn University is following this recommendation. No teaching will be conducted on university premises as long as this recommendation stays in place.

The main building, Moas båge, will be locked. Staff, students and doctoral students who want to get in must use their keycard, even during working hours.

Students can continue to use group rooms and ICT suites as usual. Of course, you must not come to the university if you feel ill.

The Infocenter is open to visitors until further notice. Other supporting functions, such as Careers and Study Guidance and the Student Health Centre, are open, but only via the telephone and digital meetings (see question further down).

All students are asked to remain up to date with information from the university on If you have questions about your course, contact your teacher or course coordinator. Information about how your course/programme will be conducted now is available on SH-StudyWeb.

On 17 March, the Swedish Government recommended that all higher education institutions move to distance education. Södertörn University is following this recommendation and no teaching is conducted on university premises. This will continue for the entire spring semester. We do not yet know what will happen for the autumn semester, but will provide this information as soon as we do know.

Students are asked to read the information from their course or programme via SH-StudyWeb. The tool the university uses for distance learning is called Zoom. More information about Zoom is available here.external link

You can reset your password yourself. Follow the links below for help. You are welcome to contact Infocenter if you experience problems with this.

Reset your password, studentexternal link.

Reset you password, staff (in Swedish)external link.

If a student or member of staff is infected with the coronavirus and is diagnosed as having Covid-19, they will be cared for by the health services. Region Stockholm’s infectious disease doctors and units are responsible for confirmed cases. We are following the advice of the Public Health Agency of Sweden about how to act to limit contagion.

The library has gathered information related to the coronavirus on one webpage, where you can read about book loans, information seeking, etc.

Södertörn University's library is not included in this prohibition and is therefore still open to students, but not to the general public (from 6 May). However, all library users are recommended to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from others and wash/disinfect their hands when arriving and leaving. Read more on the library's pages about changes due to the coronavirus.external link

The university's crisis management group is monitoring any new recommendations and will provide new information if the situation changes.

All supporting functions, such as Careers and Study Guidanceexternal link, the Study Support Unitexternal link and Student Health Centreexternal link are open, but not accepting physical visits. You should instead contact them via phone or email to make an appointment. Instructions for how to book appointments are available by clicking the links above, and your "visit" will then be conducted either digitally or on the phone.

The Student Health Centre asks that if you have questions about the coronavirus, you contact the medical services or the Public Agency of Sweden. However, you are welcome to contact the health centre as you normally would if you are worried about study-related health issues.

Due to the Swedish Government's recommendation on distance learning, there are currently more people than usual working in Itslearning/SH-StudyWeb. The increased load has resulted in some people finding it difficult to access or work in the system. It may be slow on occasions, but wait for a few minutes. If the problem persists, please contact

The Swedish Government is putting forward a proposal that students will be able to keep their funding if the university cancels courses, and that loans are written off. Please visit CSN's website (in Swedish) for more information.external link.

We are working to resolve everyone's situations as best we can. Please contact your placement supervisor or your teacher, who will have received information on your case.

No. No written exams are being conducted at the moment, so we have moved to other forms of examination. The vice-chancellor has decided that this will apply for the entire spring semester of 2020. Written examinations will, at the earliest, be held in the autumn. See the news article about written exams being replaced by other forms of examination. If you have questions about your examination, please contact your subject or your teacher.

If you are able to apply for additional time for written examinations, please submit your disability certificate to your teacher for additional time for take-home examinations. You can then discuss potential additional time for the take-home exam, if you need this. This is because the information stating that you can apply for more time is kept in the KronoX system and is not available to your teachers and examiners.

Please note that additional time for take-home exams is a recommendation from the coordinator for special educational support. This means it is the examiner (teacher) who decides what extension is possible.

You can find your certification when you log in at www.nais.uhr.seexternal link. Click on "Läs besked" (read notification) to access your certificate, then download it and email it to your teacher. The recommendations are listed on page two. Contact Funka, the disability coordinators, if you need additional time for a take-home exam but a recommendation for this is not included in your certificate.

When you study remotely (not on university premises) the insurance from Kammarkollegietexternal link does not apply. Please make sure you are covered by a home insurance policy.

Yes, you may apply for leave from studies for this reason. Read more about study leave and non-completionexternal link.

If you have cold symptoms or are ill, you must stay at home and not come to the campus. Stay at home for two days after your symptoms have disappeared. Students who do not follow these recommendations and who come to the university with cold symptoms may be removed from the premises. Under the disciplinary measures in the Higher Education Ordinance, the university may exclude students from classes if they do not follow the university’s regulations.

Exchange studies

Follow the advice and recommendations you are given by the host university and stay updated via the local authorities, WHOexternal link, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (e.g. “UD avråderexternal link”, “UD resklarexternal link”, the Resklar appexternal link and the Swedish embassy’s travel information for the country you are in) and the Public Health Agency of Swedenexternal link. Register for the Ministry’s “svensklistaexternal link” if you have not already done so: Svensklistan - Sweden abroadexternal link.

Contact with your name, the course/programme you are studying and which region you are in. This information is so the university can get an overview of the situation and find the best solution for your studies.

Contact the officers at the International Office via if you are thinking about terminating your exchange, have questions about your Erasmus/MFS scholarship or have other questions about your exchange.

On 17 March, the vice-chancellor decided to cancel exchange studies and traineeships for outgoing students who had not yet started their exchange studies. The same applies to incoming exchange students. If you are already on and exchange/traineeship you can continue until further notice, taking account of the situation where you are located.

Until further notice, the International Office is continuing with its processes and staying in touch with the students who have been nominated for exchanges in the autumn. Several partner universities have extended the deadlines for us to nominate students and for the students' applications.

You can always contact the International Office via if you have questions about your exchange. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you apply for courses at Södertörn University for the autumn semester of 2020 by 15 April.

The International Office is continuing to plan for welcoming incoming exchange students during the autumn semester of 2020. Applications, which take place via the Mobility Online database, opened on 1 April and the deadline has been extended until 25 May (rather than 25 April).

The application deadline for studies and accommodation is 1 June instead of 1 May.

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