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Swedish Government opens up for some teaching on campus this autumn

The Government today announced that they are easing the requirement for distance education at higher education institutions from 15 June. However, the recommendations for social distancing remain in place. Södertörn University will provide more detailed information about what this entails for our students next week.

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The Swedish Government today announced that they are easing the recommendations for distance education. A great deal of responsibility is placed on each higher education institution for organising education in a manner that does not contravene the recommendations that remain in place, such as maintaining social distancing and not gathering in groups of over 50 people.

“We must really consider what this entails for us and for our students at Södertörn University,” says Vice-Chancellor Gustav Amberg. “Naturally, we want to welcome our students back to campus, while also providing education in a responsible manner and minimising contagion.”

We had previously promised to announce plans for the autumn semester on 1 June. However, we now need a few extra days to decide how teaching and activities at the start of the semester can be adapted to these new recommendations, so will provide more details during next week.

Information from the Public Health Agency of Sweden on 29 May:

“Higher education institutions, municipal adult education, higher vocational education and other adult education are to follow the regulations, general advice and recommendations that apply to wider society. For example, this may mean that distance education is conducted where possible, such as for theoretical course elements, but teaching is conducted on site for practical elements.

The principal is responsible for minimising the risk of contagion in the way that best suits its activities.”


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