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Avoid crowding: walking routes to the university

It’s not just inside the university that you must remember to maintain physical distancing, but also on the way here. We have produced a map that shows routes you can use to get to the university on foot.

Två personer i rörelse. De går från vänster till höger i bild och har avstånd mellan sig, den ena går framför den andra.

To avoid crowding on public transport, the recommendation is that you should cycle or walk instead of taking the train or bus. However, not everyone can use a bicycle and some people must use public transport, so there is a risk of crowding in the commuter train station. Södertörn University shares escalators and pedestrian routes with people visiting Huddinge Hospital, which could be an additional reason to choose another route.

The shortest route is not always the best route

Crowding is very likely when many people arrive by train at the same time. Everyone wants to ride the escalators up and get where they’re going as quickly as possible. When this happens, it is worth remembering that Flemingsberg station has two exits! If one of them is busy, try the other one.

The walk to the university is a little longer from the northern end of the platform, but can be worth it if it’s less crowded. If you are going to be in the D or E wing, the time it takes to walk there from the northern exit is about the same. It may be a good idea to sit at the back of the train if you are travelling towards Södertälje C, as this puts you close to the northern exit when you get off at Flemingsberg station.

The aerial photo linked below shows you the different routes you can use to walk to the university (in Swedish):

Pedestrian routes to Södertörn University.

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